What And How To Work With Collections In An Excel Spreadsheet

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As someone completing their training is based on a software, you are discovering the number of functions through it. A very particular case is learning to work with collections in a spreadsheet Excel.

A special feature of the Office package, or talking specifically about this extension of it, is the ability to work through codes to perform tasks . these codes are known as macros and are created with VBA.

What are and how to work with collections in an Excel Spreadsheet?

This is known as Visual Basic , and is nothing more than a group of commands that are preset by the program to run what the user wants to add.

What it is a collection?

The collections are creations used in many applications to group a certain group of objects that are interrelated.

In turn, work with collections in an Excel spreadsheet is one of the most dynamic forms that allow work flexibly with groups created .

On the other hand, the matrices are very similar to collections in this system, so the collection is characterized by the group of objects with the working, which may increase or decrease dynamically-based application.

This parameter is considered a class, so it should be declaring their bodies in order to add or delete items it contains.

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Because these objects contain processed information in the form of data, there are modifications to their classes instead of establishing security parameters.

Types of collections that can be enabled in Excel

Within each specification collections, there are types that vary by purpose for which it is created. These in turn are provided by . NET Framework .


It is indicated as such as the translation into Spanish, allowing the creating collections of class generic space .

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This type is most useful when the objects contained within it merit fulfill a specific type of data set. Each type of collection has a series of classes, characterized by being used within themselves:

  • coding Dictionary & lt; TKey, TValue & gt; represents a group of key pairs organized by value
  • .

  • The collections in an Excel spreadsheet have a list in the form of index that allows access to objects. It is established by the term List & lt; T & gt; and lets you sort, search, and modify
  • .

  • Queue & lt; T & gt; shows a collection in order of those objects that made the first input and first-out (FIFO).
  • On the other hand, Stack & lt; T & gt; collection represents the last in order, then first out (LIFO)
  • .


Sets the space required thread effectively and safely in order to gain access to the items it contains.

This type of class should be used when such threads having simultaneous access to the collection is created.

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Some of the classes used in this security parameter are BlockingCollection & lt; T & gt; , CocurrentDictionary & lt; TKey, Tvalue & gt;. , etc.


is responsible for storing the items that occupy as objects without a specific type, but the default object type.

Because classes includes no security parameter , it not recommended due to its constant use the probability of data loss. Among the classes used for this type of collection is:

  • ArrayList is a representation of a collection that increases their size dynamically when deemed necessary.
  • On the other hand, Hashtable sets a collection of pairs based on their key and organized according to the hash code value they hold.

Visual Basic Collection

Last, we find the collection of Visual Basic to access items with numeric index. It is used to add items to an object without the need to specify whether or not the key to which it belongs.

Excel is a program that is difficult to use but with the necessary practice you can get it to handle easily to many. To work quickly Excel gives you the option of display two sheets at the same time.

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