How I Can Remove, Delete Or Remove Faceapp Forever

If the application does not meet your expectations or you heard about the flight controversy data, you have the right place. This article shows how to uninstall, remove or delete FaceApp always If you use an iPhone or Android phone. We also show alternatives to this application.

How do I uninstall, remove or delete always FaceApp

How to uninstall, remove or delete FaceApp always

First, we will show you how to do on Android phones. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can go to subtitle following explains how to uninstall FaceApp of these devices.

How to uninstall, remove or delete FaceApp on Android

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This process is very simple. However, keep in mind that some steps vary depending on the make and model of your mobile device . In fact, most manufacturers usually modify most of the details of the operating system using phones that do.

So although all use Android, companies add their own layer of customization to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In order not to prolong this article explaining how to uninstall FaceApp on the phones of each brand, we prefer to show you a method that is the same for each mobile Android. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Play Store.
  2. Search «FaceApp.» Then select, as if you were installing.
  3. Click the «Uninstall» option.

Then, your phone will erase FaceApp once and for all. Including You can use this method to uninstall any application from third parties that have on your mobile.

If you are interested in the subject, also explained in another article you   Android mobile personalization layer and these are the most popular.

How to uninstall, remove or delete forever FaceApp in iOS

 woman Messi in FaceApp

To uninstall an application on Apple devices You have a long road and a short. We present the first case FaceApp is not in the Start menu

  1. Enter the «Settings» application on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select the «General». Click «Storage iPhone» (or iPad).
  3. In the window that appears, seeks «FaceApp» and select it.
  4. Finally, press the «Uninstall app» option.

If FaceApp is in your start menu, you can use the shortest way to get rid quickly and easily

  1. Make a long press on the application you want to uninstall, in this case FaceApp.
  2. Select the «Delete Application.» The
  3. Finally, to confirm the action reaches «Delete.»

Alternatives to FaceApp

There is currently a wave of new reports that FaceApp is a dangerous application because of the way it stores photos you take with your application. If you deleted this app on your phone because you care about your privacy, but still want to see how they looked when you get more, we present the best alternatives to FaceApp.


If you want to do is see how you will look in a few years AgingBooth is an application designed exclusively for this purpose. Here you can download yours or a photo of a friend and see how the face changes over the years. Unlike FaceApp, this application does not stay with your photo. You can search the Play Store and App Store.


 Elon Musk in Renaissance art

This is a Web application in which you can give a unique style to your selfies. Thank you to artificial intelligence, analysis AiPortrait your features and make your selfie in a Renaissance painting or a particular artist.

The interesting thing is that the results can vary based on image characteristics, because the AI ​​ determines the style is better suited to paint your face . And yes, the results show, this site immediately remove your photo.

Face of Change – the kind editor

This application is only available for Android, not only shows you how you look when you get older. It can also edit your digital sex . Thus, women can see how they look like men, and vice versa. There are other fun options as you bat, you add a few extra kilos and more.


If you liked about FaceApp were their filters, Prism is an application that can help fill that void. has a lot of modern art based filters that will give a unique touch to your photos and videos. You can download from the Play Store or the App Store and try it now.

These are not the only alternatives. Both on the web and in apps stores there are many other applications like FaceApp to change your face .

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