What Is Faceapp? How The App That Makes You Old, Young And You Change Sex

Smart phones are an incredible tool for study and work, and as they come to market new models, becoming a more vital in the daily lives of all.

what – what FaceApp – How App makes you old, young and changes your sex

For entertainment, the Devices also available in the app stores of each operating system, a lot of ways to have fun at any time. At present, there is a fun app has become a trend.

What FaceApp?

If there is something fun to people is to find a way to find how they could be in the future … and that is precisely what makes faceApp . This application, available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating system, launched in 2017, has given much to talk about from the time of its release.

 FaceApp application

This is a very specific tool for game with your face . You may ask: What do you mean? Therefore, thanks to this application, you can take a selfie or portrait of another person (including celebrities) and have the chance to make you smile, aging, rejuvenate or to make a cambio person Photo


How FaceApp?

Use FaceApp is quite simple . Once you have done the download and installation of the application corresponding to your store to your smartphone operating system, just that you grant appropriate access rights to the camera or the gallery of your device select the photo of your choice and experience begin.

Once you have selected the picture FaceApp show you a number of options you can go explore: smiles, whiskers, sex, hairstyles, hair color, age, makeup etc.


It is important FaceApp, maintains a free version and a Pro version. where you can enjoy many other hair color tools, smiles, beards, glasses, among others.

Issues in policy FaceApp

In addition to the incredible transformations that can perform this particular application. One of the things for which he had a lot to talk about their privacy policies.

FaceApp, in this sense, has received much criticism for wrong alleged use of user data. Reaching even to suspect that such information was sold to third parties.

In this situation, the founder of the application did not hesitate to criticism of the face and indicates that the data of the user to use that server were stored cloud services such as Google.

Also, explained that a large percentage of the images were removed from the servers 48 hours. Also users could make requests to delete data.

More charges

Another criticism that has come to this famous application has to do with racism. And FaceApp and aging, Rejuvenation or change the gender of people, also has a wide range of filters.

 How it works FaceApp

The controversy comes when a person of color using the Filter ” sexy” and the result is that the application whitening human skin. This, of course, was not well received, demand apologized and was quick to take the necessary steps to avoid creating more discomfort.

Reputation FaceApp

In spite of the impact and Comments in terms of privacy, the reality is that FaceApp, to date, has a little over two million downloads and exceptional rating 4.7/5.

After a lot of noise in the Social through its ability to age people. Since 2019, it has been being the center of attraction for many people with the new kind of tool for change.

Do you dare to try?

Since most applications you can find on iOS and Android, there are advantages and disadvantages . Despite all the criticism received by the application, more and more people succumb curious how they would use FaceApp tools. Do you dare to try?

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