How To Remove And Delete My Facebook Account Couples? – Uninstall Facebook Dating

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If you are happy paired and do not need to continue to use applications to find your soul mate, it is best to remove these accounts. Delete your Facebook account With partner is very easy Learn more by reading this article.


Facebook is relatively new feature that came out in 2019 in addition to this social network because that through it you can go to form more links. is available only if you already have a Facebook account and allows you a little more freedom than other dating networks.


Facebook was the boom of the season as it is easy to use and because users do not need to create an account, had activate and use the service.

How to remove and delete Facebook account couples – Uninstall Facebook Dating

steps to delete your Facebook account torque

You can disable your account because you do not like your performance, you get a partner or just more to go with your lifestyle. Delete your Facebook account torque is extremely fast and easy.

Only you have to press the main menu, then ” couples” Click the small menu icon Settings located on the upper right side . Move down is the “Delete profile” and “Remove.”

Once you delete your Facebook ACHIEVE partners account no longer receive notifications or suggestions about people and past conversations. The messages remain in the chat of the person you sent them, those that can not be deleted.

The good thing about Facebook is that couples do not account Facebook friends see everything you like and created an account on this dating network.

More on Couples Facebook

Before you deactivate or delete your Facebook account Couples, remember that this new feature of the social network, has very good features . If you have not given the chance it deserves, here we remember certain things it has to offer.

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Secret Crush

It is a supplement to the Facebook Dating where you can choose and make a list of your friends added to your profile. With this, will definitely add more possibilities to find your soul mate.

What is better is a private list where you can add up to 9 people to your friends or contacts and they and nobody knows they are there. If people in your secret crush list, you add in the same way to their lists, there will be a match. This way, they can start talking by Messenger and potentially start something.

If you are on Facebook Dating, you have your list of secret crush, and are added, you only get a notification that you have been added to some, but not that. In addition, to avoid the constant flow of information, Facebook allows you to delete and modify a person per day. But always keep the limits.

To add a secret love, go to the principal then ” couples”, select “ Go Secret Crush” at the bottom of the screen menu. Click “OK” and to get your special people who belong to the list.

On the other hand, to remove someone from the list, again “Couples” and “Go secret crush ” select the person you want to remove and select ” crush Delete.” If you have integrated your Instagram profile to your Facebook groups, can also be selecting your followers to the list.

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Why you should remove the Facebook couples

Remember that Facebook has many great qualities couples took other applications. Even the plan to include stories like he did Instagram , it also grows the secret crush, is not based entirely on the game.

In addition to the love secret torque Facebook is one of the safer dating since Facebook took care to have a series of restriction is to take care of its members.

In this application, you can write directly to the person of your interest and see how things turn slowly. The good thing about Facebook is that couples, based on your main profile has much more information about you. Based on the suggestions that are made more successful and your preferences.

If more than a couple of Facebook account also account tinder account, please delete also if you need.

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