Viewing Requests Messages On Facebook Lite On Android -Very Easy

The application Facebook Lite is very popular, it is a perfect optional for those who do not have much space on your mobile devices. If you want to know how to view message requests Facebook Lite in Android -. Very easy, read carefully the following information we have prepared for you.

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Message requests is a security measure that several years ago the company took and there is always the general option accept or reject all applications for Facebook . In any case, there are many circumstances in which we are interested in the content of the messages coming here today you will learn how to access them.

What are the applications of messages on Facebook?

Facebook is an application that takes the user privacy seriously. This has been very clearly in recent times in relation to actions taken by the company. It is against this emerging applications called messages.

facebook lite viewing messeages

Requests messages on Facebook are only messages that are hidden from the application, in most cases this happens because they are people you do not have in your friends list , but While we can reject all applications friendship message requests do not have an option like that. Similarly, he believes that Facebook usually put messages on this list when you consider to be spam or may become harmful.

Still, if you want to know where these messages are saved because you want to see this information on Facebook Lite, we recommend you read the following guide.

Viewing requests messages on Facebook Lite on Android -Very easy

Differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite are considerable, but the light version App is without doubt one of the most popular enterprise applications, mainly because they get almost all functions present in the full version or desktop less weight . In any case can be complicated for some certain actions.

In case you want to view message requests on Facebook Lite , and do not know how to do not worry, we have prepared a simple guide with which you can access this information easily:

  1. App For Facebook Lite, the process for applications is fairly straightforward messages. First thing to do is Open the application , in case you do not keep log data and provide logueese.
  2. When you are within the application press the Icon Messenger at the top of the screen.
  3. were shown the different options related to the messaging application. There you will find New message requests . Clicking on this option to have requests for messages that others have made to your account.

Viewing requests messages in Messenger Lite on Android

facebook android lite 1

Messenger Lite is one of the most downloaded applications for Facebook users, because with it has all the options in the full implementation of Messenger with very little weight . Also with this application you can see additional information, such as requests for messages or filtered messages.

  1. If you have the Messenger Lite application first thing to do is Open App .
  2. Once you find inside the application, click on the Settings located on the top right of the screen.
  3. Almost half find the Requests messages , pressures on it.
  4. is displayed on the screen all requests for messages that have been made to your account. Similarly you will find the section Applications filtered , which are those that Facebook lists as spam and are hidden.

And so you can see without problems messaging applications Facebook Lite, on the other hand, if you have problems with strangers on the platform, remember that you can stop receiving friend requests from strangers on Facebook , protecting your account from unwanted people.

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