How Can I Update Facebook Lite Without The Play Store? -Fast And Easy

facebook lite mobile

Facebook Lite is a mobile application made by the famous company of Mark Zuckerberg; Lite in English means light, so that, as the name implies, this application is a lighter and faster version conventional Facebook application, which initially developed for markets in Asia and Africa with low-end phones. But, you can update Facebook Lite without the Play Store?

What are the differences between Facebook and Facebook App Lite?

facebook lite mobile

As mentioned earlier, the first difference is obvious between the two applications is that Facebook Lite is a lighter and faster version; because it eliminates many features of Facebook App leaving only those that have to do with the chat or requests messages; thanks to this Facebook Lite works very well on 2G networks or with certain fluency of your connection.

While the Facebook App easily can reach 450 Mb, the Lite version on the other hand is less than 2 Mb, a notorious and crucial difference for phones with low memory or more modest than the last generation characteristics; reason does not have features such as minijueos or video group; but if you can download videos on your phone with Facebook Lite.

Other features the Lite version had to be removed are access and send photos directly from the mobile camera to your contacts or forward the photos you have previously posted on your wall; was also ignored the bubble style chats , as well as greetings, gifts and emoji in conversations.

How can I update Facebook Lite using the Play Store ?

In order to update the application of Facebook Lite, the first thing to do is Find and click on the icon for Google Play on your mobile (having a triangle shape tilted to the right, as the symbol play musical equipment); once we opened the application we are located in section search and write “Facebook Lite”.

Another alternative is to click this link, which will take you directly to the download page for the Facebook Lite application in the same manner as the above explanation


Then we press the “Update” button green and immediately begin downloading and updating the App. However it is good to check before that if we already had prior to the last update app; as it is usually configured to update automatically.

Depending on the country where you are; it is possible that the application of Facebook Lite is not visible or do not appear in Google search Store. Since is not available for all countries of the world.

But is not the only way to update your App, you can go to other different pages, which brings us to the central point of this article.

How can I update Facebook Lite without the Play Store?

In order to update Facebook Lite without using the Play Store, in an easy and quick way is downloading the APK (Android installers) corresponding and running it on your mobile device; and the first step is to make sure you have activated the option that allows you to download and install third-party programs.

name and logo facebook lite on blue background

You must find that option icon “Safety & gt; Allow unknown sources “or” Settings & gt; Unknown sources “, depending on your type of mobile. After that you have to open your browser and make a search with the words “Facebook Lite APK”; . You will many pages but you must choose a site known

For security reasons should not go to unknown download pages; it is always better to resort to websites you already know beforehand such as:,, ccm. net, or; as not all download sites are 100% safe.

Once you open the page, press the button to download immediately get a message warning that ignore pressing the “OK” button; after completing downloading the APK file, look for the icon “Downloads” and we click on it and then complete the process by pressing the “Install” button.

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