How I Can Appear As «Offline» In Messenger

 offline appear as messenger

Today we will see a fairly easy tutorial on How can I appear as «Offline» in Messenger . The Facebook messaging application has the ability to be offline for more than’re using the app Want to know how to set that option? Read on.

How can I appear offline in Messenger

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Virtually all applications have an option to appear offline. Facebook and Messenger have this option. Then we will teach you how to set this option for both app social networks like instant messaging.

It is a very simple tutorial where you will learn quickly How to appear offline or disconnected both Messenger and Facebook and its Lite version which changes slightly in configuration options, but largely are the same steps.

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How to appear offline in Messenger

Many times we do not want anyone bothering us and appear offline even though we used the application . Ideally in this case it is that you set the app to appear offline. How do we accomplish this? Let’s see him step by step, it is very easy.

  • Open the Messenger app on our phone.
  • Now click on your profile picture top left.
  • This section can visualize at a glance « Status active «.
  • Click on that option and you will see a switch to turn it off. The switch has to be gray to appear offline.

As you can see is very simple and especially fast be offline in Messenger. You can modify this option every time you want without any restriction.

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How not appear online at Facebook

If you want to appear offline in Facebook . The steps are almost as simple as Messenger, although we must navigate a few more options to reach online status change.

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Now you have to press on the three horizontal lines found in the upper right of the screen.
  • In this new menu will look for the option « Settings » which is just below « Settings and Privacy «.
  • Now you have to slide down until you find « Status active «.

In the same way that Messenger’ll have to move the switch to make it gray and thus is disabled. No one can see that active you are on Facebook .

If you are using the Lite version of Facebook must do the same as you discussed earlier. The only thing that varies is the final part because after going to « Settings » and « Status active » you will see a screen pop with the option « disable chat «.

After hiding your status on Facebook, the social network may take some time to hide if you are or not using it. We recommend force the closure of the app and then open it again for the changes are instantaneous.

If you change your mobile device, all these changes are going to have to perform them again because they are not saved in your account. But saved in the phone you are using.

However, as you can appreciate it too easy to learn how I can appear as’ Offline «in Messenger. Quickly you can hide your online status so no one knows you’re using the app.

What if you should consider in the case of Messenger, is that while no one can see if you are active or not. When you send a message if you open the « Views » appears so you should be cautious in this regard.

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