How To Remove Once All Messages From Facebook Messenger

 delete all messages once facebook messenger

In today’s article we will see how to remove once all messages from Facebook Messenger . On many occasions we have accumulated too many old messages. It’s not a bad idea to perform a ” cleansing” of such messages periodically.

How to Remove once all posts by Facebook Messenger

Since Google Chrome can do it in a few seconds. Can you imagine the time it would take to remove conversation conversation? Thanks to a very useful extension can delete all Messenger chats at once.

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No headaches, without wasting time in less than five minutes. We will see a detailed tutorial in a few steps so you can quickly delete all Facebook conversations at once.

Thanks to this kind of extensions is possible to perform several complex tasks easily. This time the plugin to install Chrome is called “ Delete all messages for Facebook ” and is incredibly efficient because in seconds is able to erase all you have accumulated in Messenger.

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How to delete all messages from Messenger

To delete all messages from Messenger is essential that you do it from a computer. Since we will need use Chrome and also an extension for it. Therefore, to erase once all Messenger messages can not be done from your mobile.

If for some reason you do not have Chrome installed, you can do so from their official website. It takes no more than five minutes between downloading and installation. In addition, we are talking about one of the best web browsers for computers. It is essential that you have installed.

Once you have installed Chrome will go to your browser and install the extension Remove all messages to Facebook. After opening the web store will press “Add to Chrome” is the blue button on the right.

Once installed the extension. Facebook must enter your username and password. Go to the top of the page and click on “ Messages “. That section is between friend requests and notifications.

opens a pop-up and at the bottom you will see a link that says “ View All Messenger “. Tap on the option to display all messages directly in Messenger.

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How to delete all messages from Facebook Messenger

Now just going to have to press on the extension icon that appears at the top of the screen . You can decide if you want to delete all messages permanently Messenger or go selecting some to remove.

What you should consider is that using this extension go to delete all messages permanently . There is no way to recover so you have to be too sure you want to delete all messages in Messenger.

Thanks to this kind of extensions perform actions such as this is not at all complicated and within minutes can handle eliminate a lot of messages. So you can watch as it is extremely easy to learn how to remove once all messages from Facebook Messenger.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt about how to delete all messages at once Messenger can leave a little down in the comment box and we’ll help resolve as quickly as possible.

In addition, we recommend Miracomosehace continue browsing to find more tutorials not only related to Facebook and Messenger but also Chrome and lots of amenities that all extensions can give us daily.

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