Deleting My Facebook Messenger Conversations

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Everyone has happened to us more than once we have repented of something we’ve sent. Today we will explain how to delete my conversations Facebook Messenger. With the new updates is possible to delete a message you have sent to all members of the chat, provided they have not spent more than ten minutes since I sent.

Deleting my Facebook Messenger conversations

If this is not your case can delete a message , but only for you. This means that the other person will continue to have the same conversation regardless of whether you delete all of it in your account.

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How to delete Facebook Messenger conversations in a few steps

If you want to delete your messages from Facebook Messenger in the traditional way without using other applications, you should know that it is only possible to delete a conversation at a time. You can do it from your computer by going to the web site Facebook or entering the Facebook Messenger app from a mobile device.

To do from the browser, log into Facebook and sign in. Go to the Posts. You have this blue button on the top of the screen. Click on it to see the list of conversations.

If you are a recent chat you will see it without any problems. In the event that you want to remove an older conversation click on View All Messenger”. This will lead to a tab with all your conversations.

If you want to delete an entire conversation , position yourself on it and click “Settings”. In the new menu that opened, select “Delete”. If instead you want to delete some messages from the chat, enter it. Position yourself on the message, click on the three points and then “Delete”.

If you have not spent more than ten minutes since you sent the message, you have the option to “Delete all” and “Delete to me.”

If you want to delete your Facebook Messenger conversations from your device , enter the app. Look for the chat you want to delete. You can write the user name of the person in the search bar you have at the top of the screen.

If you want to completely delete a conversation, position yourself on it and keep it pressed for options or slide your finger left and click on the trash can to remove it.

If you want to remove some of the chat, enter it and hold the message you want to delete to display options. There select “Delete”. If you have not spent more than ten minutes can remove all or just for you.

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How to delete all my Facebook Messenger conversations easy and fast

To delete all conversations simple and quick way to Facebook Messenger to the same time you will need the help of an extension. It can be done only from a computer using the browser.

To begin, go to your browser and seeks the extension Facebook-Delete All Messages . You download it from the Web Store. must add it to your browser, clicking the blue button to download.

Then enter Facebook from the web and log. click on the bubble chats you have on the top of the screen. Tap on “ View all posts “. This you can see below the list of conversations. Click on here to access all your messages.

To delete all your messages, click on the extent you have to the side of the address bar and click “ Open your posts” in the popup box. You have a text box where you notice that messages will delete it permanently and explains how the process of elimination.

If you agree with the warnings, tap on “Start delete “. It is a green button that you have on top of the text box. Finally confirm this action by clicking “ OK “. If you see have been some messages in your chats, refresh the page before repeating the process.

As you can see is very simple delete my Facebook Messenger conversations. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments.

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