How I Can See And Find Hidden Messages In Facebook Messenger

 view to find hidden messages facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger, and the like Gmail, filter by default directing messages to a new box that remains hidden. Many are those who wonder How can I see and find hidden messages in Facebook Messenger.

How can I see and find hidden messages in Facebook Messenger

it can happen that someone has sent you a message that Facebook Messenger has considered spam and hid it by mistake. In order to maintain and protect your safety, most of the time, the messages are directed to this box for different reasons:

  • The person who sent the message was not on your list of Contacts .
  • The message is an advertisement or advertisement.

It is important that you check every so this box because it could have an important message that you do not have to let go.

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How to see hidden messages in Facebook Messenger app from

to see hidden messages from Facebook Messenger application is made of the same way Android or iOS . to start, go from the app’s settings. It is located on the top right of the screen. In the dropdown menu you press on “ People ” on the new screen, you have three options.

Click the first option, Request Message & gt; See filtered requests. This will take you to a list of contacts conversations have sent you messages but Facebook Messenger default filter so as spam .

There, you can enter the conversation, read messages and reply. You will also have the option to accept or reject the message with the options you have the right of each represented with a tilde and a cross respectively.

Note that the sender does not know you read your message until we accept or reject , so you can enter the chat and if you do not opt ​​for any option, continue staying in the same box applications.

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Top of the screen you have a legend that clarifies “ Opens an application for information on who sent you the message. The other person will not know you saw his message until accept “.

If you want to ignore all messages from this box, you can select several or even all together to delete . To do this go to the button you have top right of the screen represented by three points.

Messages that accept will go to the inbox of your conversations while you’ve removed, continue to be considered as spam and whenever that user sent you a message will go to this folder again.

You also have the option to block users do not keep sending messages. While until they enter the message requests can not see it, you may find it annoying to have to remove their applications every so often.

To do so, go to Settings People & gt; Block people . There searching by username and block anyone you want. Now the person may have blocked not send messages.

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How I can see hidden messages in Facebook Messenger from the browser

You can view the message requests from your computer. To do this we will start entering the website Facebook. Once you’ve logged in, click Messages found right at the top of the screen.

Once inside, select at the top of the chat tab “ Requests Messages ” with messages that Facebook has leaked and considered spam.

As you can see, you have a box with a caption above that tells you that you can open a request for information on who sent you the message and the sender will not know you saw their message until accept .

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You can perform the same actions with the filtered messages from Facebook Messenger app in its latest version , and the href=””> . You see, that simple applications can see the messages that are hidden in Facebook Messenger.

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