How To Change The Language Of Facebook Messenger From English To Spanish? -Very Easy

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The interface messaging service provided by Facebook is completely in English This article will show step how to change the language of Facebook Messenger from English to Spanish.

Many social networks have evolved with the passage of time, implementing instant messaging services that allows more direct communication between users.

These are the social networking site Facebook launched in 2008 its messaging service called Facebook Chat in its infancy.

Later this courier was renovated as an application by separating it from the main Facebook app and naming Facebook Messenger.

This application allows users of social network messages send text and voice messages to each other, as well as set up automatic responses on Facebook Messenger . Also allows individual and group video calls.

Another of its main attractions is the creation of discussion groups to share messages, pictures or videos with multiple users simultaneously.

Even allows companies and users interact in their platform for tracking purchases or communications department customer service.

All these features have made Facebook Messenger among the most popular messaging services in the world with more than 1300 million users.

Here are the steps you must take to configure the language of this popular messaging service application.

Change the language of Facebook Messenger from the mobile application

 Setting Facebook Messenger from the mobile application

The mobile app Facebook Messenger is available for download from stores various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

You can also visit the official website Facebook Messenger to download the application and install it on the device of your choice. You can also create your own room to interact with other users by video conference.

In some cases it happens that the default language is shown that the application is English, this is because it is the standard language.

In this case you will see the buttons and notifications shown by the application are in English, but this does not affect the content of messages sent by users.

The application of Facebook Messenger does not have the language section within the configuration options so you must change it within the Facebook app itself.

To do log on to your account and go to the menu by pressing the button on the top right corner identified three dashes.

Scroll to the Settings option and select the Privacy section Language. To select End Spanish and wait one second that changes are made.

Once again start your session Facebook Messenger from your mobile device, you’ll see buttons and ads in Spanish.

It is important to mention if you use iPhone or iPad can set the language of your device into Spanish from the general configuration.

In this way the downloaded applications are displayed by default in Spanish, if available in the language, between this Facebook Messenger.

Change the language of Facebook Messenger via Web

Change the language of Facebook Messenger via web

If the interface of your Facebook account, and therefore its messaging service, are all in English is necessary to make adjustments to the settings.

This happens especially with the accounts that were created in the early years of Facebook when the social network was in English only.

To change access your Facebook account from your preferred browser. Press the small arrow shaped icon that is just the side of the help button in the upper right corner.

There select Settings , in English Settings. Once again load the page you will see the options left available.

Click the link Language and Region and change the language in the Facebook section languaje English to Spanish, wait a few seconds and returns to the starting section.

In this way you will see the buttons shown both on the web and Facebook applications and Messenger entirely in Spanish.

Follow these recommendations step by step to change the language of Facebook Messenger and enjoy communicating with your contacts easily.

If you want to continue to learn from this courier visiting other items. We recommend as I can know who uses Facebook Messenger.

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