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Currently, most people have Facebook Messenger application. It is a system much faster instant messaging. However, while this application provides us very new benefits and allows know who is now connected it and its interface is very intuitive, does not have the option to log out .

How Keep me logged in Facebook Messenger

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However, this can be a bit tedious for users, but fortunately there is a method with which you can easily sign out . So, if you do not yet know the procedure, do not worry. Because in this post we will tell you exactly how it is done. Well and the best is that you should not use third parties or other programs, because can be done directly from Facebook.

I can not log out of Facebook Messenger

While Facebook Messenger is very common nowadays. And even seamlessly with instant messaging evolves, being much faster than other applications, unfortunately brings not included an option that allows you to log off. What many users can be a problem.

So If you tried to log off and could not, do not worry because it is not the only . Since the application of Facebook Messenger does not have this option. Surely, it will be asked, then How do I do if I want to disconnect? Fortunately there is an easy way to log out that this application will not be a problem.

Although you probably think is a bit tedious, it really is not. Because once it is used to perform this method will not have any inconvenience. So we will be discovering the secrets that Facebook does not want to know.

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Steps to log out of Facebook Messenger

This method will close your session in this application, you can also repeat it whenever you want or need. However, it should be remembered that as closing session to reuse or enjoy Facebook Messenger, you have to enter the data again. Although, it is a process fast and do not take work to.

  • The first step is enter your Facebook account
  • Once there, click click the drop-down menu (three horizontal lines) is located on the right side corner
  • Then click Settings
  • Immediately several options appears. Dirigite to the section on Security and click on Security and login
  • Then and now in this section should be located where it says WHERE HAS logged
  • Automatically, there will appear the devices you’ve logged into Facebook. You must press on the name of the device that prompts you to login from Messenger. Identify it will be very easy because the device under the name of Messenger appears.
  • As you identify, press the three points that appears next to the name of the device
  • Finally, a message will appear with several options. Make click Exit

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  • This mode can close Facebook Messenger session.

What if I want to log in again in Facebook Messenger?

If you then log out of Facebook Messenger, want to open session again, nothing will happen . Since you can do it again, including your information, username and password. Also, the device does not indicate any message or present any problem, because it’s as if you closed and signed in to any other application.

I want you to know that if you do not want to make that process, but you need to hide your activity on Messenger can hide or disable active in Facebook for all or disabling chat for a person in Facebook .

Finally, we hope that this content has been helpful to him. However, we like to know your opinion Do you think that this option is important or prefer directly off Facebook Messenger ? Do you know another method to close Facebook Messenger? Leave your answers in the comments.

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