How To Edit The Photos Before Sending In Facebook Messenger

 edit photos before sending in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has become one of the more social networks used for users to maintain contact with family, friends and former classmates. Expanding resources, tools and content, has managed to keep much of the population who wanted to migrate to other most used social networks.

Editing photos before Send Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has been one of those tools that has captured the attention of those maintain this as their favorite social network.

However, on more than one occasion, surely we felt the need for other applications to edit professional photos before sharing with some people or groups.

Problem? None, since Facebook Messenger, in one of its updates included arrangements allow us to make edits without a problem … and here we will learn to do it.

Can I edit photos directly from the camera on my phone?

An important point in this issue is that can not use the camera directly from our phones . We can make edits using the camera, but through the application. The other route editing is You enter the gallery of our Smartphone.

 edit photos directly from the camera on my phone

How do I edit photos through Facebook Messenger?

The editing process is very simple. The first, obviously, is enter the application of Facebook Messenger and select the option of your choice :. Capture the image with the camera or from the gallery of the phone

Once we have delved into our gallery and selected the image you wish to send to the other contact, or taken the picture you will send us will appear the following:. Edit and send

Select the option to edit r , unfurling a menu of different alternatives editing gives us Facebook Messenger: draw on the image, add text, different fonts, emoji and stickers .

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draw on the image we want to send, the appear brush us . This alternative for image editing offers a variety of colors to deploy our imagination, drawing and writing with your finger.

Even if we get more creative, do not have to settle unicolores drawings, and we also have the option to draw lines that are multicolored.

 edit photos through Facebook Messenger

If you make a mistake , we can remain calm, we should not start from scratch , because we can also erase those lines out of place or letters did not come out as we expected, selecting the icon of the draft. We can not just draw things with our finger, but can also enter Arrows .

One of the most attractive shares in the editing function through the brush, is called Brush Emoji, with which you can select the emoji more fit to fill voids or cover people or things that have come out in the picture and we would not want to be seen.

Similarly, we Brush option arrow, as its name suggests, we can draw arrows of any size and color to indicate anything.

Selecting the icon marked with “ Aa ” can enter text to an image from the keyboard of your smartphone. In the Like option of the brush, we will have an extensive menu for select the color of our choice , in addition to enlarge, shrink and move text to where we seem to is better.

can also choose the font that we like within the options offered by Facebook Messenger. Something that happens very often is that we forget details, or after sending the image, we are a better idea … and the truth is quite annoying. But Facebook Messenger has been anticipated to these distressing situations.

After submitting the image, we can re-edit. We only search chat and clicking the pencil icon to add or delete more. This option has a plus, is that the person that we have sent, you can also edit .

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Let’s get to work! We untie our creativity and give a brilliant touch and fun to all our images through Facebook Messenger . Now you only remains to learn new tools and tricks that Facebook has for you, like save a video from your Facebook Messenger chat .

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