How Can I Disable Facebook Messenger

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communicate through the Social networks has become almost a necessity among some groups of people, and rightly so. Power use social media lets us communicate instantly with anyone you want without much effort. And besides, these people can interact with a lot of different ways, being really important to know how to manage thereto. From this, the best example being Facebook.

How to Disable Facebook Messenger

Since its inception, Facebook has not only grown and grow steadily. It has come to buy other social networks much importance as Instagram or Whastapp and make them grow more.

It is certainly a social network that knows what people want and how they want. This can be seen in the way we interact by that social network, since we can upload multimedia content and interact with others in a lot of ways. But probably one of the most important aspects is the Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is the chat, or instant messaging service, dedicated Facebook. It is linked to their Facebook profile and you can speak directly and privately with anyone within Facebook. It is indeed a very stable and attractive application for many people, to the point that often use this application to talk more than other instant messaging services, and you did not know has a versión especially for people under 13 .

However, as is service messaging Facebook , it is common that we have some Spam or simply writing too many people at once. Anyway, maybe you are in the situation you wanted to not be active for a while. So then we bring a solution for it.

Follow the next step and have a quieter life on your mobile if you have too many messages in Facebook Messenger.

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Deactivating Facebook Messenger

Having too many of Facebook Messenger messages can become a bit annoying, especially if you have those bubbles chat floating on your screen every few moments while you’re trying to focus on other things. That is why it might be important for you to handle a little information flow coming from this application.

There are several ways to “ disable ” the Facebook Messenger. The first thing to do is turn those bubbles chat you mentioned above. All you have to do is enter the application, go to settings and see a button to toggle the bubbles.

If that’s not enough, you can always go to the section Notifications located directly on the main list Settings Facebook Messenger and disable each of the options that are there.

However, it is impossible to completely silence the Facebook Messenger , since you’ll only be given the option to keep it that way for more than 24 hours, which can be a bit annoying. But, if you are tired or sick of the application, you can always uninstall it.

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Uninstalling Facebook Messenger

Uninstalling Facebook Messenger, as well as any application is actually very simple. If you have an Android device all you have to do is go to the place where lies the application icon, press it and keep it until you can move it, then bring it to an option on top of the device that says uninstall.

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But if you’re in a device iOS , but you can do the same process, you better do it through the configuration. Just enter the device settings, then storage, select the part that says Apps and search the Facebook Messenger. Now, just enter the option of the same and give uninstall button.

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