Why I Can Not See The Last Connection Of Facebook Messenger?

 I can not see last connection facebook messenger

One question that comes to many people who use Facebook is Why can not I see the last connection of Facebook Messenger? If this is happening to you then keep reading because we will clarify all doubts you have regarding this issue and show you how to fix it.

Why can not I see the last connection of Facebook Messenger

All Applications state href=”https://tdftips.com/ocultar-desactivar-estado-activo-facebook/”> , hiding from others, make invisible or stay offline even though they use the application. Messenger is no exception and also has this possibility.

You can keep your last hidden connection. Which means that everyone can do, also the privacy of Messenger in this regard is not as strict as other applications. With its last update, this application manages an incredible arsenal of tools for users.

But further down in detail how we will talk to you about this topic so you do not leave any kind of doubt it works. It is somewhat simpler than you can imagine and but you see even the last connection of your contacts can be for something that you set yourself .

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I can not see the last connection in Messenger

Facebook always tried its users to interact as much as possible between them and increase the level of privacy is not something that facilitates social network. While we can set up virtually everything the same, the href=”https://tdftips.com/poner-perfil-facebook-privado/”> default one is not the best all.

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Surely sometimes you met several of your contacts without your last connection. This is because these users have been disabled “ Active “. When this is done you can continue to use Messenger either from the desktop or a mobile device only in a few words are “invisible” to others.

When you open Messenger and find yourself with someone who does not have the status “ Active ” then possibly undersides of see the last connection see nothing. Sometimes just you see “ Messenger ” and nothing else.

last connection does not appear in Facebook Messenger

Another situation occurs when you do not see anyone active or your last connection. This happens because when configured to be “ Invisible ” or “disconnected” works both for anyone to see you so that you do not see anyone.

This means that if you disable status active not going to see the status of others or your last connection. When this happens it is likely that any error or unintentionally will change the setting active.

How to configure the Active state? Actually, it’s too easy and you can activate or deactivate all the times you think necessary. To do this follow these steps:

  • Enter the Messenger app.
  • Then press your profile picture on top left.
  • Now you will have to press on “ Status Active “.
  • you will see that at the top a button that can be activated appears, this works to enable or disable state “ Active “.
  • So now you have to confirm if you want to keep active or deactivate it.

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How to configure the active state in Windows

  • The first thing you have to do is enter Messenger from your browser.
  • After logging in with the same data from Facebook’ll have to go to “ Settings, Help and more ” is the icon of the gear you are in the top left.
  • Now click on “ Settings “.
  • Here you can see the “ Status active ” and moving the switch can be enabled or disabled at anytime.

We hope this article managed to solve your doubts about Why can not I see the last connection of Facebook Messenger . It’s really very simple fix this problem, with only set an option and you’ll be able to see the last connection of all your contacts.

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