How To Save A Video On Facebook Messenger

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Messenger is an instant messaging platform where you can share all kinds of files. If you liked shared some video that you want and have it on your device, today we will show how to save a video on Facebook Messenger .

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Before saving a video of Facebook must take into account that only save or download videos from Facebook if they are on your property, free of copyright or are third but have direct permission can.

Facebook Messenger has multiple tools that allow users to use the instant messaging application quickly, easy and safe, among these tools can find a editor for photos before sending them.

Saving a video from my Facebook Messenger chat

Today we will see how to save a video on Facebook Messenger from your mobile device. It is done the same way if your device has an Android or iOS operating system.

Note that this method you can only download videos shared from your gallery . To start, if you want to save a video in the gallery of your device, begin entering the app.

Once inside, look for the chat of the person who sent the shipment or video you want to save. To do so, you can slide down the conversation list or search by user name in the search bar you have at the top of the screen.

Once inside, look for the video and position yourself over it. When you have pressed, a list of options open if your device is Android or have a toolbar at the bottom of the screen if your device is iOS .

In both cases you click on “ Save ” or “ Save video ” depending on the option you have. It may take a few minutes to download. If you do not see at the top of your cell notifications has started downloading, try again.

corroborates is downloaded correctly, by going to the gallery of your device. Open it to see that it can reproduce the image and hear the audio. Chances are that you have created a folder with the name of the application and the video there are.

From the application of Facebook Messenger can also download to your phone audios or voice memos that are in the conversation.

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How to save a video on Facebook Messenger from a link

If you want to do is save on your device a video that you have shared from a link in your chat, the thing changes. But do not worry, it is equally easy way to do it.

To save a video that comes from a Facebook profile, you will begin entering the app.

In the same way we did, look for the chat of the person who sent you the deslizándote video down in conversations or searching for your user name in the search bar you have at the top of the chats.

Once inside look for the video conversation. Click on it. Will direct to Facebook. Enter in the publication to reach the original source from which shared first.

You need to go to the original location of the same, otherwise you can not download it. If you’re going to make from your iPhone Click on “ Share ” found at the bottom of the publication to your right. Then tap on the icon with two hooks to copy the link.

If you do from a device Android , click on the three points that have above publication. Have an options menu where you should select “ Copy link”

Now, you must go to your browser and search the online pages to download videos from Facebook. Among the most recommended, we can mention:

Sign in to your website and paste the link that you copied. Then start the conversion. When you are ready file will have the option to download it to your device. All these links are used to download online and free so all videos from Facebook.

It is important to note that to download a video from a link, it must be public . If you get a message telling you that the download link can not be found, it is not completely public.

By this we mean that if, for example, try to download a video from a private account, or only friends or friends of friends can access it, you can not do. Another point to consider is that if the video you are trying to download is not explicit images will allow you to download it.

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Another of the advantages offered by Facebook Messenger is that you can keep your conversations secure through the possibility of send encrypted messages.

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