How To Set Up An Automatic Response On My Facebook Personal Messenger?

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Often the various occupations of the day, social networking sites like Facebook users, going aside for later reply to messages sent to clients, friends and followers. This article will show you how to set up an automatic response personal Facebook Messenger as you get time return personal reply .

In the early stages of the emergence of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., connected by these networks was essentially the onboard equipment. Computers and laptops

With the rapid advancement of technology and the development of smart mobile devices: Android, iOS, among others, now social networks are where people go , and interconnection is Instant


If instead you do not want to meet anyone or messages that you always worth the possibility of and let the cat.

People want answers

Anyone who contacts you by mail, Facebook in this case, whether a friend, family member, close friend, client or fans, made a response from you. Allow time without answering, and rude, it can mean the loss of a potential customer and a business door.

Once you send a message you have the ability to know if someone has read your .

lack of response when p ou can be due to many causes: : The person is busy at that time, at a meeting in a particular activity that prevents you access to the Messenger


But sometimes the caller needs to know that it takes into account your communication attempt is not neglected. Therefore, Facebook, always looking for ways to meet this requirement has created an automatic answer feature to use in such eventualities.

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Here you just show you how to set up an autoresponder on personal Facebook Messenger that you will get out of this problem when a client, friend, relative or fans trying to contact you.

In order to communicate more quickly, without distracting us by voice memos, if you do not know as voice Notes download, learn here how.

How do I set up an automatic reply on Facebook Messenger staff?

messages or answering machines   written are sent instantly when someone tries to mail Facebook contact us. Advanced function as a first response to a message recipient whose concerns should be addressed.

steps to enable automatic replies

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is open the Facebook page and locate the desired setting fans. Step 2: Press the option   “Settings” in the upper part of   page. Acciona AC   “Messages” in the left column. Step 3: Enable   “yes” located under   Deputy answer. This option is set to  . “Send instant answers”

Step 4:   If you want to customize the message will be delivered in automatic response, press the Using your keyboard. ‘Change’ can get the right message that you want. Then you press Save and voila, you have already set an automatic reply. So, here’s how to set up an automatic reply on Facebook Messenger staff.

If you are tired of using this application and we want to take us commandment responses or by a third party who is responsible for this, we must follow these steps to disable this feature.

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How to Disable automatic responses

Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ , as we have explained, is the top of the page. Step 2: Enable the option   “Messages”   &NBSP located in the left column. Locate where it says ” assistant response” and press ALT trigger “No” attached to the ” answers Send instant” and loan, is disabled.

In short, some users may seem trivial that we are discussing the question of how to set up an automatic response on personal Facebook Messenger. However, details such as the activation or not an automatic response can make the difference between success or not.

Always remember that in small details is the secret of victory. People appreciate a question and Auto Answer when he sees that the speaker is not interested in your concerns. Do not underestimate these possibilities seeming inconsequential offered by Facebook.

In addition to sending automated responses can also share and send your location via Facebook Messenger instead of entering an address.

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