To Activate And Set The Theme Of Star Wars In Easily Messenger

 Star Wars messenger

Star Wars is a movie science fiction which has nine films in total and its creation began in 1977 and the latest version was released in 2019. In addition, mostly known as “ the Star Wars “which has a large number of fans.

How to Activate and put the issue of Star Wars Easily Messenger

For this reason Facebook Messenger wanted to take this opportunity to honor the film. And so to please their users with a fund or special theme which also has several attractions. It is also important to note that this was possible a working meeting by Disney and Facebook and explained himself “Mark Zuckerberg” through a statement was made.

Similarly if you want to explore this new galaxy available at Messenger You only remains to know the steps you then explain what you can activate.

Discover how easily activate the theme of Star Wars Messenger

Then we will explain how to activate the theme of Star Wars Messenger so initially must go to Play Store and verify if the application is . After reviewing Messenger can enter and open a conversation .

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Then you can click on the icon or profile of the person with whom you’re talking and will open a new window where you can see the “themes” . Together depending on the upgrade can click on the icon «i» you to visualize on the side of the video call icon. This selection also will open the window where the choice of subjects will be found.

So just you select the theme and the window open “customize your chat ‘ You will see the symbol of Star Wars. Then you subtract automatically select and notice that the topic of conversation has changed.

The Fund completely changes because black background is transformed into a stars , so if you are a fan of Star Wars will enjoy it.

It should be noted that the application of this serves topic for customization in each of the talks. So if you want to have all conversations you only personalized subtracts select each Messenger conversations and apply the same steps. In this way you are updating the theme of each.

Enjoy the theme of Star Wars Facebook Messenger

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Also if you want you can check the stickers that it contains of Star Wars so you must to click on the panel composing a message and then select the stickers. In that section will notice the diversity of stickers that are available for you if you’re a fan of Star Wars or if you want to try new adventures.

You just enjoy the new galaxy chat Messenger have available to you, this update also offers new attractions featuring characters from Star Wars emoji. In turn, this updated version features an incredible, because if you turn the camera can notice the filters that contains, which is three films based on it.

This galaxy adventure allows you to also take a picture with these effects, you can even upload a story to Facebook or if you want you can make a video call. in this way the other person can see the subject of which you are enjoying.

It is important to note that Facebook launched this new creation in honor of the Star Wars films especially the latest release. Therefore Messenger users and movie fans will enjoy the new theme that includes various attractions.

It also should be noted that this release is due to the labor union which held Disney with Facebook to make an impact and please millions of users who are fans of various attractions such as film and application.

Finally, it is important to mention that Facebook each time you try to create functions according to the trends of the moment. And improve each of their tools, with the aim of offering a service Optimized users. That is why more and more people who join this network.

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