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Today, not only social networks have made people to communicate, sent photos or videos, you can make calls in a group and many other things. As it has become a mass medium where millions of people use, that has allowed to make a virtual trade through these.

Adding or upload new products to my shop Facebook Shop

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There are some that are only dedicated to selling products, which is indeed very common, but there are others that is if Facebook that stores up to product sales.

Remember that Facebook is the Social Network more users have, but if you are one of the few that still do not have an account on this platform, the following link will teach cómo create or Facebook account from the PC , this is a prerequisite for wanting to market in this way.

Facebook has included these Store in your options to motivate their millions of followers to use this network for this. The scope of this mechanism is very large sale by the huge number people who use this platform, which will now be included in this virtual trade.

Now we need to know is how it works these stores, as well as start within them, the products we can sell or include or add.

We need to know the sales policies , the product requirements and where we want to direct our sales.

One of the advantages is that it is free of charge no sales commission, or any percentage gains you may have by this store. T odes people who own account on Facebook can open your own online shop , now you how:

How to open shop on Facebook?

 store on Facebook on Android mobile

To start is that you open a store in Facebook, with these two simple steps will do:

Step 1

In the main place yourself Settings This is partly above the right side oppress him.

Step 2

You listed several templates and press Options tab. Place yourself which says stores and ready and have activated this function.

How to add products to my shop Facebook?

When you already have the store open, you have to do now include the products you want, we explain how to do it step by step:

Step 1

Since you place yourself on the screen PC «Shop.»

Step 2

Now go to where it says «Add product».

Step 3

Select a title for the product.

Step 4

Includes images or videos of what you sell.

Step 5

You have to describe the product, important features, size, guarantees and other relevant things. You should include inventory, as well as the variants of the product , color, size. Now you must indicate how the form will be sent.

Step 6

It explains how the refund if you have any problems the product. In the Save oppress, after that you wait 24 hours until it is approved.

Five advantages of selling by Facebook

 window sales Facebook

As we have seen, it is very easy to sell products within the Store Facebook , the advantages are many, we can mention five of them:

  • You can make a selection of products for categories this will enable your customers to quickly locate what they want.
  • Personalized service with customers: Being able to talk with them for direct and private messages . is super easy to send private messages on Facebook without being friend.
  • You can get statistics of how products are selling or number of people who see them, you can also see the messages you have received.
  • The amount of products that can be placed is unlimited.
  • All this free no commission charges sales or number of products sold.
  • It is very easy to assemble or upload products in this shop Facebook just follow these simple steps you can do it, we also see how this form of online sales power your business and increases sales by the scope of this network.

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