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Social networks have reinvented themselves since leaving use MySpace . Many social networks have come out trying to have the same exposure and importance ever had MySpace, and even today there are several social networks used so universal , probably the most important of all is Facebook.

How can I close the Application of Messenger

Facebook has risen as the final giant among social networks. Although there are other networks looking to make you competitive, Twitter , it is no surprising it is not used in the same way. This is because Facebook has been able to incorporate all the positive aspects of social networks within its interface.

Facebook you can upload all kinds of multimedia content, interact with the content of others, putting states and even do live broadcasts. And the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp have only gotten bigger this giant.

Among all these positive aspects of Facebook, is private chat of the same, which is in the form of Facebook Messenger , instant messaging service that you can use as a mobile application without having the Facebook application. It is quite easy to use and talk to others.

But it is usual that we may want to close the application when we’ve had enough of it. If this is your case, then look at how you can do to close the Messenger application.

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Closing the Messenger application

When it comes to close the Messenger application, we mean to stop working in the background. When we do this we saved a lot of ROM and RAM that can be using through the application.

Because it is true that even then the application will be on the both send notifications or remove bubbles chat whenever you write, you can close the activity in second up whenever you need through Force stop. See how you can do:

  1. First, go into the settings of your device.
  2. Then, go to the general settings and find the section on Applications .
  3. Here, seeks Messenger application, or if you need any other application which want to do the same.
  4. Once you find it, select it and you will see on-screen button “ Force stop “.
  5. Select it. And ready, it will stop running in the background.
  6. When you are finished, you can stop worrying about the application, but keep in mind that the application may stop working properly. But on the other hand, you can always disable notifications application if that is what’s bothering you.

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    Disabling Messenger notifications

    For many the bubbles chats on the screen while you are doing something more can be somewhat annoying. In fact, if you are in several groups or have many people who write at a time and want some peace, you can always turn off notifications for the application. This can always be done through notifications settings options Settings on your device.

    But you also have the option to disable notifications personalized way. Just enter the application menu and select it. Here, you will see from the list of options that can disable and enable bubbles chat.

    Although, you can also enter the section Notifications and customize the level of silence that need to be quiet. You can turn off all options, or you can use the first option to silence, which lets you silence the application for up to 24 hours at a time.

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