Disabling Notifications Live Facebook | Live Videos

 disable notifications live transmission facebook

Today we will see disabling notifications live Facebook so that this does not have to deal all the time with the Notifications of live video many pages and users often make.

How to Disable notifications live Facebook | Videos Live

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videos live or live is something very normal in social networks. Some time ago it was common for the gaming community where making a direct play was something every day.

Thanks to social networks gradually it was spreading more and more. So that now with a mobile phone and a href=»https://tdftips.com/crear-abrir-cuenta-facebook-correo/»> is extremely easy to make a direct on what you want. Since discuss issues to chance, to show what you’re cooking.

The problem is that often receive notifications for live video of people do not even know but we have on our list of friends. This can be quite annoying because it is substantially likely not interested in what you might do, especially if you’re busy.

What can you do to stop receiving these notifications ? You can basically turn them off and just below will show you how to do not only to clear them all but, if this problem is with a Facebook page. Then we’ll show how to disable notifications that specific page.

Let’s go step by step with both methods so you do not miss. It is a very simple tutorial in a few steps can be completed.

 live video player

How to enable or disable notifications live Facebook

From a computer

  • Log in with your account and then have to go to the top right corner of the screen.
  • You’ll see an arrow pointing down. A pressing on it opens a popup menu.
  • Among the options we will choose to « Notifications «.
  • Here you’ll have to choose « Video » and select the notification settings you more comfortable result.

From a mobile device

  • In the app press on the three horizontal bars located in the upper left.
  • Now go to the bottom and search for « Settings and Privacy «.
  • Then select « Settings «.
  • Again going down and choose « Notification Settings «.
  • In the section « Videos » you’ll have to move the switch to enable or disable notifications.

 direct video app phone

Disable notifications live videos Facebook

Turn off live video motivations of a specific page on PC

  • You must enter the specific page.
  • After this you will have to click on « Following «.
  • Now click on the pencil icon located to the side of « Notifications «.
  • You’ll have to choose « Cleared » from reaching notices videos live.

Turn off live broadcast notifications from a specific page from the cell

  • First you enter the page where you want to delete the messages.
  • Then you go to press « Following «.
  • Now you have to move the switch to « Receive notifications » to disable them.

As you can see it’s pretty easy change to disable notifications and each time a video is made live or a live do not reach them. Whether a specific page or all.

If you still have any kind of questions regarding this topic can leave a little down in the comment box and we will be happy to help. If you want to learn a little more about Facebook section we have dedicated to the social network you can find a lot of tutorials and very useful guides.

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