How To Change The Category Of My Page Facebook Fan Page?

 change the category of my page facebook fan page

Learn how to change the category of a fan page Facebook may be necessary at some point to who works sharing or promoting something for this network.

How to change the category of my page Facebook Fan Page

easy convert my Facebook profile on a page Fan Page to add a button or game business, it is also change the category of the Fan Page.

There are different labels, each of these brings a number of features, possibilities and specific functions as well as very specific.

Finally This is essential choose correctly tags to be associated with the page. It actually has more importance than many people realize or give.

Indeed, categories appear just below the name of the fan page , and helps people locate by finding what they want. Or subtracting giving momentum to the page in question.

Change the category page from a PC

The steps to change this in a PC are very simple, in fact, the procedure is fairly straightforward and does not need to be an expert to do it.

First of all, you must be logged into Facebook through the account of the fan page and locate on the left menu of the page the heading « About «.

So, the window will refresh, and you can see the information that has been provided on the company, person, cause or another.

Now, on the right side of the screen, there will be a section called « Category » and next to it an eligible button called « Edit «, you must click in this.

Next, a navigable menu that are all available categories will be presented. You must choose one by one, with a maximum of three to associate .

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To conclude, make sure to have chosen the correct labels then move to click « Save » to keep the changes.

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Can I change or add categories from my phone?

Yes! Of course it is possible. Facebook allows us through its mobile application, the ability to customize every aspect of our website, you just have to know where to look.

The steps to change the status of a fan page from the App on a smartphone with Android, they are equally fast and very easy to understand and execute.

To begin, we place the fan page, and within this, we must select « More » or, equivalently, the icon designated to the menu, sometimes three points or three horizontal lines.

Then scroll through it, until the « Edit page » after this, locate and click « Category

If already have some assigned category, you must click on it to remove it, however, to add a new touch will suffice « Add Category «.

Then, you can move on to choose by tapping the label you want to add, also the limit is three. For « Save » changes only have to press the button.

Change the status of a fan page from the App in iPhone

Like many applications, the distribution thereof varies according to the OS to count the cell, so, add or change labels from iPhone differ slightly from the above method.

From the fan page, are located the « Settings «, which are identified with an icon gear or sprocket.

Now, you opt for the « Page Info » option to then take on it. Then click on « Category «.

At this time, two possibilities have to be made, the first is to touch a category that is already assigned to remove it (if you want to).

And the second, simply it consists of touch « Add Category » or a « + » to create or add the new label.

To find it, you can type the text or go cycling through the options until you find the desired. Finally, there is only select the category, and if two want more next to that, to move to click « Save «.

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No matter the fact merge 2 pages Facebook fans page in a single , labels can serve equally in this case. Luck.

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