How I Can Change Countries Account Facebook

 change facebook country

Use as pronounced social networks, we are pushing not only to use them, but also learn to set some of your options or functions. For Facebook, one of the platforms most commonly used daily by millions of people.

How can I Change Country a Facebook account

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Today we can make changes that were previously impossible or very difficult to perform. The following article will give you instructions for you to learn How can I change the country a Facebook account.

As you are discussing some of these functions can be modified and others only shows their status, such as seeing the version of my page Facebook for my country. Since many of these options are not achieved at first sight and we have to make a deeper search to find and change it.

But do not worry, in the next tutorial will teach you ways that you take so that you do not miss on the Facebook page and you can find the option. Only a matter that you follow the instructions you will give and can very easily know How can I change the country a Facebook account.

 location facebook

How can I change the country a Facebook account

So you can change your country a account Facebook and thus activate all functions that are blocking our location, we will use a VPN. we use the more we taste, such as VPN Safe, Secure VPN, VPN Thunder, etc. you can use the one you like any of them will serve and you can download from the Play Store.

After you’ve entered the Play Store downloaded and installed the application to your phone you must open to begin with the changes. First you are going to choose the country place, for that you must click on the icon of the flag of the country of your choice. Is highly recommended that you choose as country to the United States of America.

This is because as this network belongs to that country and all the innovations that come out, come to you first residents of the United States. After you’ve made the choice, made the connection started. And you appear on the screen of your computer information Connect is just a matter of waiting a few seconds to finish.

When you connect, we left the application and the next step is to uninstall and re-install Facebook for thus the changes are implemented. This step is recommended as otherwise may have failed to detect application and you are using a VPN and block you account.

Change your country of origin of a Facebook account

At the finish the installation again from Facebook on your computer, you can see that shows you options that were previously not shown stories you like music. You can tell that the page has detected that belong to another country No, that actually these. It’s amazing how the application change and now displays features that did not exist.

This is easy to understand, since your country or region have not yet reached these new functions in their country of origin they are now available for users of the platform. For example, the stories of music is a new feature that will soon come to your country and allow you to make many changes and customize it in a very funny way. Using Emojis or Stickers of your preference or taste.

And you did not have to go into the settings of the Facebook platform to make these changes, only you used an application that change your home country. And as you put the United States can put any other country. Just remember that there are functions that have not reached certain countries or even regions.

 change Country facebook account

It is very easy to use application VPN, with it has changed the location of your country without leaving it and this way you could know How can I change the country a Facebook account.

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