Adding Or Changing My Location On Facebook -Easy And Fast

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We find article options possible to learn how to add or change my location in Facebook , these options are on different operating systems available on devices so you can activar or disable location within our application Facebook no problems.

How to Add or Change my Location Facebook -Easy and Fast

Facebook is a company which is currently affected by other popular social networks but still active with million registered users around the world. If you want to open a new account facebook You can do it from their official website.

If you have an account of this Social Network and want your friends, contacts within the platform can see your location from which you are connected is possible and few can step manage permanently and so share and send your location via Facebook Messenger to any of your contacts.

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How to add or change the location on Facebook from iPhone?

  1. To begin must enter iPhone from the main screen and there began using their Facebook account, we will click on the logo of Facebook.
  2. In the access the application if they have never logged in and is the first time can enter your data, email and password, so within the account and can make changes.
  3. We will look into the Facebook application settings button that appears us with 3 vertical lines at the click we will display the menu.
  4. There must select the Facebook profile next to your profile picture.
  5. You will enter your Facebook profile, this would be the page where everyone who enters will see the information you allow, photos and publications, do click on the ‘About’ .
  6. There will let you add information about your current location to your profile in “Live in” .
  7. You leave place a current city where you live as well as a country of origin, thus they can obtain information from your current location and your old location, if you allow it.
  8. You can edit this section if you’ve already placed a current location above, just do click “Edit current city” .
  9. You can also place the option of who can see our location on the option that appears us with a world icon just above our current location and then change the privacy of this information.
  10. In the end we manage our location click on Save and you’re ready.
  11. How to add or change the location on Facebook from Android?

    Facebook for Android and iOs can find the same options to manage location within that social network, with the options explained in the first method for iPhone can manage change or add the location within Android.


    How to add or change the location on Facebook from your computer?

    1. To manage change or add the location within Facebook must enter from the browser on your computer to the official Facebook page.
    2. In the enter the official site we enter our data as e-mail and password to log into our account.
    3. In the enter the account must see that at the top right appears us a thumbnail photograph of the profile where we click it to access your account profile.
    4. In the profile we look for the ‘About’ and enter the same, when we click we find that it opens a new window with all the information we provide to the Facebook profile and that our friends can view.
    5. We “Places where you lived” can thus modify and add different places at the same option.
    6. “Current City” will enter the location where you live now, we help indicating the possible rise to the enter the first few letters.
    7. You can also modify this privacy get where you choose who will see your current location on the icon with “world”.
    8. A to modify all aspects will end with the click ‘Save’ .
    9. With these simple steps can add or to modify your current location on any operating system also can also add your location on facebook stories very simple and complete or update your profile anytime, anywhere.

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