Changing The Name Of My Page Facebook Fanpage

 fanpage name change

Currently rename your fan page is simple and you can do it in no time. Today we’ll show how to change the name of my page Facebook fan page.

How to Change the Name of My Fan Page Page Facebook

Until very recently, to rename your fan page should fill out a form to request the change and depending on whether the change was significant or not, Facebook took longer to modify it.

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Before you take into account that only administrators can apply a change in the name of your page. And to change the name of the page does not affect a user name. To change it must do the following:

  • Once inside , select “ About “is on the left side.
  • Click “ Edit “. This button is available next to the name of it.
  • In the box you have now, type the new name you want and click “ Continue “.
  • Check that the application is correct and finally click the button “ Request Change “.

It may happen that you do not have the option to edit the name of the page. This may be due to several reasons. Including:

  • You are not an administrator of the page, so you do not have the role that lets you change the name.
  • You or another administrator have changed the name recently, so it is not possible to do it for a long time. Manage pages facebook

How to merge two Facebook pages which are of the same company.

With Facebook this is possible because you can join two pages, provided they meet certain requirements. Some of them:

  • must be administrator of the two pages you want to merge.
  • must represent the same, ie be similar or belong to the same category.
  • Both must have the same physical address.
  • If for some reason both have very dissimilar Fanpages name, you must rename some to thus have the same name.

In order to merge enters Facebook. Once there, find and select the two pages you want to merge and establish which of the two want to endure and which not. Click the “ Continue» button. Finally, click on “ Apply fusion” .

You must be sure this decision, since it can not be undone change. Once you have merged the two Fanpages , all “ Like “and” check ins “join


The content of the page that did not prevail, such as posts, photos, reviews, ratings and user name will disappear. Only the content of the page we had run out of change.

 Create facebook for business
How to turn your personal profile on a business account on Facebook.

It may happen that, by mistake or ignorance, you created a personal profile on Facebook and what you wanted to make was a professional account. If this has happened to you, do not worry, since Facebook allows you to pass a personal profile to a business page.

In this way can manage the business account correctly, with statistics and tools that otherwise would not have access. Before starting to explain how, should consider that:

  • You can make this change only once. So you must be sure.
  • continue to have your personal account and now will get the new professional page.
  • All photos existing in your profile, will now be on the corporate website.
  • The name professional account will be the same you had in your personal profile.
  • If you want to change your personal account professional, we suggest you make all relevant changes before making this change.

To convert your profile to a Facebook page go to Create a page based on your Facebook profile ” & gt; “Start” and just go click on the buttons to accept following the instructions you have on the screen.

Once you’ve passed your personal profile to a business account, you have the option to choose which friends you want to automatically become followers .

Done! You can now view your new page, when you have completed the conversion process.

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