Changing The Nickname Of My Facebook Profile-Quick And Easy

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Sometimes we want to change our username of Facebook, the platform puts its limits in this regard, but it can be done very easily. Today we’ll show you how to change the nickname of my Profile Facebook -. Fast and Easy

How to Change Nickname my Facebook profile-Fast and Easy

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Facebook is a popular Social Network more than 10 years old that has easily slipped into its millions of users. More than a social network platform is a space communication and to share with our friends.

In any case, if you want to protect your privacy or customize your information is to change your nickname, you teach something here. You may also be interested to know how change your name Facebook without waiting 60 days necessary to requires the platform.

What are the nicknames of Facebook?

Facebook is a platform designed to communicate, it also allows us to Edit many of its configurations, in order to adapt to different visions of people.

One of the most interesting is have only your name and surname hide his Facebook , but you can also opt for an even more striking, use your nickname .

If you have a nickname and people recognize you in this way, it would be best to integrate it within Facebook, so your nickname will be displayed. It is also a useful option because Facebook is somewhat restrictive regarding name changes.

If you want to add or change a nickname read carefully the information we have for you. Similarly to teach you to change your name on Facebook in case you need it.

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How to change the nickname of my Facebook profile-Fast and Easy

Facebook gives us the option of using other names, which many people call nicknames. Change and add a nickname on Facebook is quite simple. Also this way you avoid the annoying limitations related to the names of Facebook.

If you want to add or change your nickname on facebook read carefully this guide:

  1. Enter your account normally and go to the configuration options for this presses on the small triangle to the right of your screen. There presses on Settings.
  2. Click on the General and then tab on the Name. below the option to change your name is the small section Other names , press in on Add other names.
  3. The system will direct you to your profile, you must press on + Add a nickname, a nickname …
  4. Provides the nickname that you like and press on the Save Changes .
  5. This will add a nickname so very easily, the procedure is the same in case you want to change it.
  6. Change your name on Facebook

    Change your name Facebook is not something that the platform be taken lightly, because very seldom people actually change their name. Anyway to the like with changing nicknames, can realize it with certain restrictions. Follow these steps to change your name:

    1. The first thing to do is log into your Facebook account, login with your data normally.
    2. Once you’re inside the platform you must go to the section Settings to which will access by clicking the small triangle located above and to the right.
    3. When you get there press on Settings.
    4. While in the options settings you must press on General located to the left of your screen.
    5. There the username related information and other factors appear with your account, like your name. You must press on to the next edit option name.
    6. Change your name, remember you can do so only once every 60 days .
    7. Note that the above is designed for the PC, but you can also rename your profile Facebook from iPhone with relative ease.

       Using Facebook application

      Through the above methods can set properly your account Facebook , customizing it to your liking and making your friends know it easily recognizable on the platform.

      Note that you can also rename your FanPage Facebook page for give a different touch, which is especially useful for content creators.

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