How To Change Or Reset The Password For My Facebook Account

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Surely most of us have happened to us that we want to log on to Facebook and we can not. Either because we should recover a hacked Facebook account or because we forget our password. When this happens, usually tend to be alarmed, because we believe that we can not recover our own.

How to Change or Reset Password my Account Facebook

Fortunately, if possible recover my password Facebook if you forgot or for some other reason, You should only follow brief instructions. In addition, it is recommended to change regularly and not add keys very easy to guess , such as your date of birth, identity number, name, among others.

Now if you are here because you want to reset or change the password for your Facebook account , do not worry because it is in the right place. Then we will tell you step by step how you can do, easily and without losing much time.

Change the password to my account Facebook

Changing or resetting the password for your Facebook account is very easy, however, should be aware that the process may vary slightly, depending on which team you do. However, the method is the same. Therefore, here we will explain how to do it from your computer or from a mobile Android device.

Change the password for your Facebook account from your computer

 security settings and logon

 facebook password security settings

Change the password for your Facebook account from your mobile Android

Reset my password Facebook

If you can not log into your Facebook account, because it has Forgot your password or someone else you the change, do not worry. Just follow some instructions to retrieve or reset it.

Reset password my Facebook account from your computer

Reset password my Facebook account from your mobile Android

If you could change your password Facbook, I recommend enable verification steps to have more security and prevent intruders from entering or can hack your account.

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