How Close Open Sessions On Other Devices Facebook From My Phone

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If you ever happened to you that you have left open a session on a device or computer and do not use or do not have access, do not worry. This article will teach you c OW close open sessions of Facebook on all devices from my cell.

How Close Open meetings Facebook on Other Devices from my cell

How to close open sessions of Facebook

If You enter service help Facebook, you may notice that there is no way to do it from the application. But do not worry, this trick can close all open sessions you have left on occasion.

To do this from your mobile device, you will not require the use of any external application . It can be performed from the application of Facebook.

Once inside the app, you must go to the options menu you have top right of your screen. Then select “Privacy Settings” so that your choices are deployed. In the menu displayed, you will select “ Settings “. This will lead to a new screen. There is the option to choose “Security and Login”.

It will show all devices where you are signed application and since you did and you can from there, close the sessions you want.

When you press on the name of the device you are about to close, will have a box with details of when, where and from what device is logged. Will ask if Did you do? And options: “Are you not ?, Exit and Return”

The option we choose is “ Exit “. With this action, Facebook will close the session. In the notifications can corroborate this, and you’ll have a communicating which closed the session.

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How to close open session Facebook very easy

It is more common than you imagine that hack an account of any social network or web service. It may be that your password is unsafe, allowing others to access it easily.

If you doubt that someone has acted with malice or just want someone to stop using your account to be Facebook without your consent can follow the instructions below.

It is a practical and very efficient if you want to protect trick. Can close all sessions more securely change the password.

To begin, you must go to the options menu you have top right on the screen. Select “Privacy Settings & gt; Security and login . In the Logon menu, which is the third drop-down menu that you’ll select “Change Password”.

You can choose a more secure password, avoid using some that are easily guessed, such as your name or important dates. A good option is to use words funny combining it with uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

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Once you’ve chosen, written and confirmed your new password, will show a box in which you have the option to close all sessions of mobile devices and the computers that have logged on. There, you will select to confirm this.

In addition, can enable authentication on two steps so that the next time someone try to log you reach your device notification SMS or email a six-digit code needed if or when to enter.

From the same menu “Security and Login” , select “two-step authentication & gt; manage “. You must choose the authentication method, which may be the email or phone number associated with your account.

As you can see is very simple to protect your account close open sessions of Facebook at all devices with these three simple tricks.

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