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 create a bell Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the social networks most commonly used today. Its scope is massive and virtually no corner of the world where there is no access to their platform have. One of the most powerful tools that have the social network are the Facebook Ads Ads .

Advertising on Facebook allows companies get customers anywhere in the world . You can make a huge difference in terms of customer acquisition is concerned. plus you can make campaigns integrated Facebook and Instagram.

How to create an ad in Facebook Ads | Advertising Campaign Facebook

How to create an ad on Facebook Ads?

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Enter the Business Page where you want to create the announcement Facebook . If you do not have a Facebook company page, begins with create one.

Go to the Ad Manager or Power Editor and select the option campaign. Then select the option to create and open a window to create the new campaign.

I do advertisement in Facebook ads

Choose your goals

Facebook presents reachability you have with the campaign you decide to do. It is very important that you determine you want to achieve with the campaign on Facebook.

  • Traffic. Send visits to a specific site or an application.
  • Scope. Show your products or services to the largest possible number of people.
  • Interactions. Get the widest possible set of I like your page, encourage attendance to an event or apply using a product offering or service.
  • Facilities app. Installing a specific App.
  • brand recognition. Submit a new brand to the audience of Facebook.
  • Generating leads. Getting potential prospects for sales.
  • store visits. Submit information Store physical Facebook users.
  • Conversions. indicate a specific action that should make Facebook users interested in your brand.
  • Messages . Encourage the action of sending a direct message to contact directly with the brand.

Choose the name of your campaign

After defining the goal of the campaign put the name you have on Facebook and select whether you want to set up a test A/B . This in order to try and define several campaigns which have better results.

Choose if you want to focus on the interactions of publications or in response event. If first time you create a campaign ad add details to the account as a country, currency and time zone.

Choose your target audience

To start selecting your target audience can select a custom audience . Such people have already had previous interaction with the brand.

Select the location where you want to focus your ad. Then select the age, gender and language of the people. Before making the announcement query statistics users interact with your page.

Finally, you can make a detailed segmentation . It is one of the most effective for maximum return on investment options. Includes or excludes people with specific characteristics and interests.

Choose the schedule and budget of the ad

Choose how much money you spend on your ads. Define the budget you think daily or total investment, the start and end of the campaign; and when you want to be published. In the advanced options you can be much more specific about how you want distribute the money on ads .

Create ad

Select the type of format you want to have the ad, type text and placed videos or images you consider using. A measures that you create the ad, watch the preview to see how the ad would be shown to other users.

 create an ad in Facebook ads

When the ad is ready, press the Confirm . Once Facebook verify that the ad complies with the policies, the campaign will be approved.

Creating successful advertising campaigns in Facebook

  • Post multiple ads with different audiences. Closely monitoring the results of your campaign ads and keep the ad you better results . If you can not monitor the rel=»noopener account managers adds Facebook Ads .
  • Place photos and videos of high quality . It is the first impression users have of your brand.
  • Use Pixel Facebook. It helps you tracking of people who have already seen your page.

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