Creating An Event On Facebook From A Page Or Profile

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Today we will see how to create an event on Facebook from a page or profile . The best practice is that the process that will make you do it from a computer to make it much easier.

Creating an Event on Facebook From a page or profile

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Create a Facebook event can be useful for many things. Since the opening of a business, to get together with old friends. You can set if you want everyone to have access to information on the event or otherwise private do so only people you invite will find out about it.

Anyway, let’s see in detail a tutorial with everything you need to know to create an event on Facebook in a few steps . Follow him to the verbatim and quickly you can have an event either public or private created.

It is a simple tutorial that everyone can make. Do not worry if you’re not too friendly technology because if you follow the verbatim you should have no trouble creating the event you want either private or public.

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How to Create a Facebook event

Create a public event on Facebook from PC

  • Sign into Facebook and go to the start.
  • After this look at the left side menu will have to find the option « Event «.
  • then left locates « + Create Event «.
  • Now you have to click on « Create public event «. Bear in mind that anyone can see the event and look through the search regardless of whether it is or not a friend of yours. Once you’ve created the event can not modify it to make it private.
  • After that you have to write a name, date, time, location and a brief description of the event .
  • The best practice is to use keywords on the event in question so that Facebook can recommend as many people as possible related to the subject of the same.
  • Then you can choose who can edit the event and also make publications . Once you have everything ready just you have to « Create » the same and you can access a new page where you can add photos and videos cover. You can also send invitations to all your friends .

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How to Create a private event on Facebook

Not for anything really complicated and must follow the steps discussed above you. However, back to press « Create public event » what you’re going to have to do is click « Create private event «.

The difference is that the guests will be the only ones who can access it and Facebook does not recommend . Once created can not change this.

How to edit a private event on Facebook

  • Go to the Facebook home in the news section.
  • Now you have to go to the menu on the left.
  • Click « Events «.
  • Under the title of the event you want to edit should see an icon of a pencil for editing.
  • you can modify the name, place, time, description and things related to the organization of the same. However, if the public can be no change to private and vice versa.
  • After making all changes press « Save » and ready.

Another thing you should consider is that if it is almost time for the event to take place can not be modified features such as time and date.

Inside everything is not all that complicated to learn how to create an event on Facebook from a page or profile . Within a few seconds you can have an event created to promote whatever you want or make a wedged among other things, it is a matter of imagination.

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