What Are The Differences Between Facebook And Facebook Lite And What Is The Best?

Social networks increasingly deploy tools on their mobile versions, which, while it may have a major positive impact within the community of users has implications for the space it occupies on your mobile phone.

That is why several of these networks have decided to launch versions of their application that they have a much simpler interface and therefore lighter. Less space in the internal storage and requiring less RAM to your phone, resulting faster and crisp .

What are the differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite and what is the best?

Facebook and Facebook Lite

This is the case of the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. This is one of the most popular social networks and used in worldwide, with more than two billion users. Its constant evolution and implementation of multiple tools have placed it as one of the most comprehensive social networks that may exist.

 Facebook and Facebook Lite

In 2015 was launched a different version of this social network: Facebook Lite an application with lower consumption data designed thinking in those regions whose speed mobile data were not fast enough to use the original version.

Operational Problems

Despite promote this great advantage, and have a weight much lower than that of the original application , many users did get their dissatisfaction because the interface it was not sharp enough to slide when shared news for his friends.

Trust and preferably

Despite operating problems that may arise Facebook Lite, there are many people who prefer to use this version of the application, exceeding 200 thousand users in just two years.

 Confidence and preference

Facebook Lite and its advantages

In this sense and following the above, some of the advantages that you have use Facebook Lite are:

  • less weight than the original application , being beneficial to not saturate the internal storage of your phone.
  • A running with low-speed connections, the application has a level data requirements much lower , so your consumption is pretty low if you compare it with other applications.
  • This application could function as a “one-stop”, not being extremely necessary downloading additional applications (such as F acebook Messenger , for example, which also has a Lite version).
  • Having corrected malfunctions, sharpness offered by this interface is simply great , so you can enjoy this social network without major problems.

Differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite

When deciding which of these applications keep on your mobile device, it is necessary to make comparisons to find out what the best aspects of each application Facebook, as well as tools with which they may or may not count for a better performance. In this regard:

  • Weight : This aspect is one of the most outstanding, why has been benchmarked along this article … but the difference is simply abysmal. The size of the original version of the Facebook app is 54 MB, while the Lite version is only 1.6 MB.
  • Media : Facebook Lite, as one of the measures of savings in data consumption, does not allow reproduction of multimedia content directly from your Timeline as does the original application. In this case, the full screen mode is the only way in which you can play the videos that share your contacts.
  • Complements : As noted above, Facebook Lite works as an application all in one, allowing use Facebook chat without downloading the Messenger application, which is impossible in the original
  • application.

  • Charging times : Although consuming less data load times on Facebook Lite can become much lower than that of the Facebook application original, so you should not despair of the time videos in larger sizes or the play videos.

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