How To Advertise On Facebook Free Or Paid Way?

 advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks around the world and its reach is global. In addition to staying connected with others is a powerful tool for small and large companies to promote their business . Learning to advertise on Facebook free form or payment.

Benefits of using Facebook to promote your business

  • Get a global reach, your customers not only come from your location, but you can get new customers from anywhere in the world.
  • Reach a specific audience . Knowing what the customer profile that typically consume your products or services, you get the right customers for your brand.
  • Create quality content that allows you to retain your customers. Rather than having a consumer who use your product once, better is to have customers who are willing to pay for the value of your brand.

How to advertise on Facebook

If you want to expand your business and have a reach regional or global Facebook is the social network indicated. Can attract new customers by adding your advertising schedule some activities with Facebook and even redirect those clients to your website.

Advertising free on Facebook

Create a Facebook page. From your profile staff can create a Facebook page that is associated with your business. You must create an optimal corporate profile that is attractive to customers.

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 Advertisement free on Facebook

Place a profile picture and cover of good quality and that will clearly express your brand. In addition, includes links to your page or email address so they can contact you.

It is important that the have content that add a type of value to users. Add post pictures, videos and articles that are appealing and capture the attention of people. The first thing to do to create and configure your page is invite your friends to and give «voice smearing» get to know your business.

Invite your customers. If your business has time to market is likely to have contact data recorded somewhere. If that’s the case invite them to give I like your Facebook page.

They are already your frequent customers and have previous experience with the brand. If you want to go a little beyond invite them to give a rating to your business to generate reliability to other users and want to hire you.

Promote your business offline. offline advertising is limited only to your town, but it’s a good opportunity to publicize your brand. Add the name of your product presentation cards of your company or advertising material such as flyers.

Add social media buttons to your website . Create valuable content on your website and social networking buttons added to allow users to share content on Facebook. Even there are plugins that allow you to add content to Facebook or embed the comments section on the page.

Join groups that interest you. The advantage of groups is that they have an audience that is interested in a specific topic. Login to groups with topics related to your niche and share information. You must be careful how you share information that Facebook could classify your content as spam.

more direct form of advertising to promote and publicize your business. You create an ad that is attractive for specific user group on Facebook and focus on waiting for the results.

 paid advertising on Facebook

good quality or videos that define your business. the best thing about this method is that you choose which group of people want to get specific, that increases the chance of finding a higher percentage of customers.

It is very easy to do and all you need is money to invest in campaigns. The important thing is that you clear the message you want to convey , as we want to convey and you want people to arrive for the campaign to be effective.

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