Finding People In My Same City Or Town In Facebook

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The XXI century has come with lots of technological marvels, social and cultural on which we constantly brag and enjoy.

Despite the lugubrious that you can see the news day after day, we should indeed partly feel blessed by all that we can enjoy this century, as we have reached the peak technology quality of life and highest we’ve had in centuries.

And technology has been associated largely because of all the ways you have to make us much easier and hassle free life. Through today’s technology we can purify water, cook more easily, have clean energy, and above all, communicate.

Communication is everything today, because with today’s technology can connect very easily and smoothly. The sole use of a mobile or computer, or anything that has Internet access, we can interact with all kinds of people, greet the family who lives far away or keep us on both life an old friend.

All this is thanks to the internet and the various devices we have to do, having to emphasize the use of social networks. of time.

Since the creation of the first social rede, we had the opportunity to meet new people and to keep communications with lots of acquaintances, friends and family.

It is a very convenient tool for any mode of communication we want to have, which turns out to be one of the greatest visions that have Facebook one of the most important social networks.

Through this you can meet all kinds of people easily, even by your location, which is about what you’re going to talk then.

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Adding people to your location

At the beginning, Facebook was made with the idea that the college students could meet others of the same institution and to stay connected there. But this has grown so much since then has become a global phenomenon in terms of users and content uploaded daily.

However, it is not surprising that many of the original ideas of Facebook have remained until today, as ways you have to find and add people. And even this platform gives you the opportunity to create an account on Facebook couples to know to the love of your life.

If you’re looking to add people who are in your city or your town, we suggest using the option “ People you may know “, this option will bring you closer to people you are close to you and possibly share with friends in common.

To do this you must enter Facebook and then enter the section “ Friends ” within which you’ll find “Buscaramigo” and if you click on it will take you to another screen where you must find a section that says “People you may know”.

Then, if you click on the button “ View all “, can use the fields that appear on the left side of the screen with which you can specify a bit your search and limit it to people who live in your town.

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Finding people on Facebook

While people look through the people you may know , you can also use the search box on Facebook as such to look for someone in particular. If the search bar you’re at the top of the screen write the full or partial name of someone, Facebook will give several results respect. Notably you can also find a person on this platform via telephone number .

But, as in the previous steps, you can use the options panel you have on the left and specify that look people only in your city or near you, to thereby give with that person who may be looking for.

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