How I Can Hide My Phone Number On Facebook From My Phone

Talking about safety we should have when we entered the network is very important, it will not be much repeat that we can not expect our application care information. We as responsible users must take the first step to protect our privacy.

And speaking of the social network Facebook we can protect some sensitive data for us, as is the phone number. Here we bring an article to tell them about this issue and teach them how I can hide my phone number on Facebook from my phone.

How can I hide my phone number on Facebook from my phone

It is very delicate for us as users of social networks that certain information be rolling down the nets without any control. And especially without that we know who can use a not very healthy way. But not only, unless we or our phone number you have someone specific, it is for security reasons.

That’s why heeding the call of many people, who do not know a way to hide this information without having to go through the painful necessity of delete any contact. The following tutorial will take you by the hand to show you what steps you will follow to know how I can hide my phone number on Facebook from my phone.

How can I hide my phone number on Facebook from my phone

It’s very easy thing to do so you can hide your phone number on Facebook from your phone. And for that you must do the following from your cell phone you are going to run the application From Facebook. And performs all operations to start your session and you are on the page social network.

my phone number on facebook from my phone

Once this is done you are going to locate in the top right of the screen of your device and you press the icon of the three horizontal stripes. In doing this, you show several options but you must choose your profile to access it. Then the window will show your profile and it see several options at the bottom.

These options are Information, Photos and Friends, but you choose to make this information pressure on him. A Doing this will show a new window and there we will find the contact information option. Pressure will He and this action will lead to another window, we must wait a few seconds.

For contact information you can hide your phone number on Facebook

Here you will find several options divided by blocks , and seek to find contact information option. At the right side appears the option to edit and we must choose this to take us to another window. And we will find our information and the most important issue of our cell.

facebook from my phone

On the right side of our phone number is a small box, if we press on it will show us three options Public, Friends and More Options. In the More Options must press and others will be displayed. Here you choose & nbsp Just, clicking this option.

A performing this, your number one phone can be seen by you and nobody else but you can see it entering Facebook. This is the way to block or hide this information for all your contacts. But if you want to only be seen by friends you can choose this option, but we recommend you choose just me and so will you avoid future problems.

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As time are very easy steps you should take to keep your data as sensitive for you, away from the sight of all your Facebook contacts. We continue to provide useful knowledge for all users of these platforms as used and this time could learn how I can hide my phone number on Facebook from my phone.

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