How To Know How Much I Spend Time Using Facebook -Time Activity Facebook

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Today we will see How to know how much I spend time using Facebook . Because time passes faster than we imagine and we control our activity on Facebook to manage time spent on social networks .

How To Know How Long Step using Facebook -Time Activity Facebook

How many times did you realize too late that wore long hooked on the phone ? Surely you happened a few times. Late for a meeting, you stay too long in bed with the phone. Nor even pay necessary attention to our friends when we speak.

All that happens to us lose time on the social network and not realize we . Therefore it provides us a tool to see how time spent on Facebook and above all for us to monitor our activity in it.

There’s even a tool for that last X amount of time that we set, we get a notice warning us and exceeded our daily quota of time checking Facebook.

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How to see how long used Facebook

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the Facebook application .
  • Then in the top right corner of the screen you’ll have to press on the three horizontal lines to display a menu with various options is displayed.
  • Among all these options should go to the one that says « Settings and Privacy » to display all sections related to this section.
  • Once these options are open we find one that says « Your time on Facebook » to the press on the same allow us access to a very interesting section.
  • Here you can appreciate all the time you spent on your phone on the social network. If you look further down you can find options to manage your time more appropriate.

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How to know how long it was on Facebook

Just we enter « Your time on Facebook » we find a very interesting graph which indicates the amount of time we spent on the social network divided by days during the last week. If you press on each of them will see detailed information about that day.

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If you look further down you you will see « Manage your time » and you can see a few options as «Preference news section, friends on Facebook, schedule daily reminder and change settings your notifications.

All this kind of options are for the application to work properly and that should absorb too much of your life, you can at least call attention . Among other things setting notifications from reaching all the time and only for really important things.

« Preferences news section » refers to when we walk into Facebook first thing we see is the feed of publications. Often spend a long time down and down without finding anything interesting.

This causes us to lose our time. So here we will be able to choose who will see first to save time and spend as little as possible hooked on the social network.

« Friends on Facebook » is to manage them. Both to eliminate you have to add new, search for people, be who you add, etc.

One option that seems more interesting is « Set daily reminder » it serves to schedule a reminder of how much time we’ve been using Facebook every day.

For example, if you do not want to lose more than one hour a day using the social network. Programs this option and when you get to 60 minutes to receive a notification that you stop to use the social network. Obviously it will be on you to ignore or not.

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And in a few minutes and have clear How to know how long step using Facebook and know how to view my time activity Facebook . But as if that were not enough now we have different tools to optimize all the time we spent in this social network.

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