How To Know And See How Many Followers I Have On Facebook

Facebook is by far the most used social network, gradually all we got to have a lot of friends . A good way to know that your presence is so strong in it, is know and see how many followers I have on Facebook.

How to know and see how many followers I have on Facebook

As you observed when you surf on this platform, some users have a large following.

Let’s clarify one very important thing before. The “ Friends ” you have in your contact list are those that have added following a “Friend Request”. “Followers ” are the people who see your posts because they decided that your content is interesting.

You can follow even people who are not on your friends list. In fact, it is not necessary to send you a friend request to see what you post, provided that the content you share is “ Public “.

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How to see how many followers I have on Facebook in a few steps

Before starting this tutorial should know that you will see your followers from your computer or from the app .. While before this feature was not available for mobile device applications, with new updates possible

If you do from your browser, go to the Facebook website and log in. The following will be go to your profile, remember that you must do it from the news section by clicking on your profile picture, which have top right of the screen.

Then add /followers in the address bar to the name of the user, ie the end of the URL when accessing your profile is generated. Once added that word, press “ Enter “.

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With this action, you Facebook will direct you to the section “ Friends “, where you can see your followers by clicking the “ More ” button you have to the right of the screen.

You will have a menu with options. Click on “ Followers “. With this, you will see a list of people from your friends list you are following. In case you do not have a contact list is because no one is following you.

To do so from the app, go to the platform and go to your profile. Put on “ information ” it is the button you have under your profile picture.

You will get a new screen with a list with number of people you are following and you will see each of them to the irlas selecting. You can access your profile to find out who is in the case that is not on the list of your friends.

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How to disable the followers easy and fast

If you’re looking for protect your privacy , you can choose to disable the followers. With this what is going to get anyone to see the content of your posts, unless authorize the exceptions.

To begin, go to “ Settings “. If you do it from the application menu on the right and left if you do it from your browser.

The following will be go to “Publications public” . a menu with options, among which we will select “ Followers ” It will come off. You can choose the option you prefer:

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  • Public, all users of this platform can enter your profile and follow
  • Only friends, only people who are in your contact list will follow you
  • Only me, no one will see what you post.

As you can see is very easy and quick to know and see how many followers you have on Facebook . If you have any problems when you are performing this tutorial, leave us a message so we can help.

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