How Easily Know Who Deleted Me From Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world allow you to be in touch with family and friends; But at some point it may happen that one of your friends do not want to see your posts and you delete your account. In this post we will show How to know who deleted you from Facebook.

How easily know who deleted me from Facebook

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How to know who deleted me from Facebook from your computer?

It is common to happen when someone does not want to see the content you post, although the opposite can also happen that you find out that someone blocked not see their publications. There are two ways to find out who deleted you from Facebook; the first is check your friends and the second is to look at the Activity Log .

  • Friend list:

This method is the most used by users of Facebook, but also is the most difficult method because it consumes much time and energy; because, you might check friends list one by one.

It is also an exhausting method because, you must remember all requests you’ve accepted your friends know what was the one who deleted you. To review the list of your friends to do the following:

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Go to your profile by clicking on the photo that appears on the side of the search.
  3. When your Facebook profile appears, look for the “Friends” beneath the cover photo and click on that option.
  4. Immediately you the list of friends who own your Facebook account will appear.
  5. Now must search the entire list to see that friend is missing, if you know what was remember all that you deleted.
  6.  Know who has deleted me from Facebook

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    This method is a bit tricky if you have more than 50 friends, because you will not remember all that you’ve added to your list; so that the activity log will help you discover who you removed from your Facebook account more easily. On the other hand, if you want to see if a particular person deleted you, could find the profile of that person’s cell number and see if you have as a friend


    • Activity Log:

    1. Log into your Facebook account.
    2. Find the menu , this option is in the upper right corner of the icon of an arrow downwards; you click on that icon.
    3. When the menu is displayed, select “Activity Log” .
    4. When that window opens, find the flyout called Filters located on the left side of the screen.
    5. Click on the “View More» and select “Friends” .
    6. After a number of options will be displayed where you choose “Friends added” .
    7. a record

    8. Immediately will appear with all the friends you’ve added to your account, including the most recent to the oldest friends. basically lets you see the list of people you follow .
    9. To find out if you remove any of them hover over your name.
    10. popup window where some data is your profile

    11. Immediately you appear; If a button that says Add (or Add to friends) appears in the window means that you have deleted you from their friends list.
    12. How to know who deleted me from Facebook using Android?

      1. Sign in to the Facebook app.
      2. Click the icon three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner.
      3. Find and select “Settings” .
      4. You appear multiple options, then you must seek “Your Facebook information” section; in that section you must choose “Activity Log.”  Delete Facebook friends
      5. At the top cintillo will appear the word “filter”, click here .
      6. is displayed a menu, you click on the ‘Friends added “.
      7. Immediately you will list several years. The years are in order from the most recent year until the year you joined Facebook.
      8. Click on each year and can view friends you added at the time of the year to your Facebook account.
      9. To know if they are still your friends, you must click on the name of each.
      10. Immediately appears the profile of that person, if under your profile photo tells you “+ Add”; is that that person is not your friend deleted you from their Facebook account.
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        It’s that easy to know if your friends have deleted. Facebook also lets you find out other details, such as when you from a friend of a person , or if you have friends in common with another person; be sure to use these tools in the best way possible.

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