How To Make And Upload Stories To Facebook From The Pc

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Facebook does not stop surprising us and since took the idea Snapchat, has wanted to include these stories in all Apps direct communication or courier. Every day there are more new features and configurations that allows this social network, so famous today.

The following article is focused teach you a resource widely used in Facebook that are not other their stories. It is for this reason that we want to show them how to make and upload stories to Facebook from the PC.

How to Make Up Stories and Facebook from the PC

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In this little tutorial, we want to teach you something that may once know and use, but from their mobile equipment and had not given the time to think it was possible to do well on PC. Of course, not know this because it was not possible, but now it can be done and we are going to show that we will use tool so you can up stories to Facebook.

As you know, Facebook is opening up a range of possibilities for your platform is the most widely used in the world and in all possible electronic devices. And also it is given to the task, offering new features that keep their fans happy. That’s why we teach without wasting time how to make and upload stories to Facebook from the PC.

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How to make and upload stories to Facebook from PC

With the following method we’ll teach you can make up stories and Facebook from the PC. And this without the use of programs. To do this we go to our personal Facebook account and start session. When we finish the protocol to enter and remain in our continued account.

Now we’re going to locate in the top left and we will find the section stories and the option that says Add to your story, let’s make clip. A’s do this will show a new window much like you displayed when you do a post on your Facebook account.

You can observe you have many options, you can type the text you want and change the color of the background. Or add a video or photo you have on your computer, you’ll see the option News. If you activate this option when you publish your story, you will see on your personal wall also.

You’ll also get the option of Your story and her side will see the privacy option, this can choose who will see your story . Where you have three options Friends, Public and friends and connections. But the most common is to choose the public option so that everyone can see your stories, if you want to put music .

Make your history of Facebook from PC

If you look closely, also gives you a little information where it indicates that the story will have a 24 hours duration and then after this time is erased. Now that you’ve seen how it works, you can proceed to your story using all the options available so you can edit it in the best way.

Try to make a very colorful history, including images or videos because you must remember that only lasted 24 hours ago Posted. When you’re done, you need to clip the Publish option located at the bottom. And now you just have to wait some time for your story is published and shared with your contacts.

Now to see your story, you just have to go to the History section and choose the option Your story . When you do find clip in seconds the screen will go dark and appear in the center window with your story. If you’re not comfortable with this story you can remove. This’ll do as follows.

stories facebook pc

At the top right of this window is the icon three points, do you clip there appear two options and choose Delete photo. Then do clip to confirm and voila, you’ve removed your story. And this simple way you can make up stories and Facebook from the PC or Laptop in seconds


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