How To Manage A Facebook Page From The Phone Or Pc?

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Social networks currently cover a lot of activities and other events that make life easier for many people. But what happens to those who do not have much spare time have a lot to handle even the smallest detail about your accounts or pages.

In some networks like Facebook , you can management of those resources in a more optimal way and effective. Although this process is unknown at the moment, and that’s why there arises the need for information for people or users to learn about it.

What is a Facebook Page?

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First, it is necessary to explain this process know that it is really a Facebook page, as users tend to confuse the user profiles with them.

We can say that a Facebook page is similar to a user profile, even we can convert a user profile on a fanpage . But the biggest difference is that these pages feature a variety of tools monitoring purposes interacting other users, since it has a lucrative purpose.

Even the management and administration of these pages is not limited to a single profile. That is, multiple users may be responsible for one, and in turn, a user can participate as Administrator in the management of multiple pages on the social network.

Are equal Facebook pages PC and phone?

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When we talk about differences between the interface of a computer and a mobile phone, really seems to be two completely different things. Therefore, some users think Facebook pages on a computer are completely different from those of a cell.

But the reality is not , as in both cases the pages are stored on the servers of the company Facebook . And therefore, any device that has access to this network and Internet, can see and search through the different pages created in the system

What is have Facebook pages?

The pages on Facebook have different purposes, each oriented profitability of a company or organization. The problem is that some users think that through them can be sold, but really these pages do not serve specifically for this.

That is, when we created a page on Facebook, functions are create leads to purchase a product, reaching promote Facebook page. Improve the relationship with current customers, since they will see the new features of the organization, make it visible to the mark with which the page was created.

In all cases we see that the main purpose for which Facebook offers this option is to be an intermediary in customer captioning. But not be a resource that can be managed sales or rental services.

How to manage a Facebook page from the phone or PC?

There are two different methods for managing pages on Facebook, the first is from a PC and the second is from the cell. But is necessary before we administrators thereof.

Now, being sure that we are stewards, for the case of computers just open the icon profile on Facebook interface in the browser. And from there we can access pages to which we are registered as an administrator.

In the case of Android phones is necessary to install the application created by Facebook for these cases called “Facebook Pages Manager ‘ where we have access to all settings page.

No matter what process really going to use, the fact is that both are super easy to make administration or pages. Since both interfaces are so easy to understand that even a child would learn fast.

Remember that if you do not want and have a facebook page can temporarily disable or delete it permanently .

Finally hope this article has helped him help. However, we agrarian their views Have you been able to manage a Facebook page using your Smartphone? Do you think Facebook pages represent an important level for the business world? Leave your answers in the comments.

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