How To Merge 2 Fans Page Facebook Pages Into One? -Easily

Do you have more of a Facebook page for your blog, website or business ? If your answer is yes, then you should merge 2 pages of Facebook fans page into one.

Merging 2 Pages Facebook Fan Page in one-Easily

If you turned two profiles on a page Facebook Fan Page after following the steps to do , merge them be your best choice.

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Since two or more may confuse your audience online if your page is about hotels or places to stay. Can merge two Facebook pages to clear your confusion. The same method will work if you want to merge the Facebook business pages.

In this article, I will cover all the steps you should take to merge Facebook pages into one, and to avoid possible confusion of customers.

Merge two fans Facebook pages

Whether for business or any other purpose, it is a useful option. Regardless of how remains can add a button game or even business change the category page.

To merge 2 pages fans page Facebook, you must perform the following steps and achieve a splendid result:

  • The first thing to do is enter the website Facebook and place your data if you have not previously entered session.
  • Now you must place the following address in the search box of your favorite browser, so that take you to the option directly “ “.
  • In this part you get to choose the two pages you would like to merge, and ready.

According to Facebook, if you are an administrator of both pages, you can merge them. This option is available only for pages that represent the same and have similar names.

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If your pages have addresses physical places, then it is important that you make sure that the addresses are the same.

 merge facebook

If you do not see the option to merge your pages means that your pages are not eligible to be merged, so you can not do the job.

If the option to request the merger of your pages appear, your application will be reviewed by the department in charge of Facebook.

Who needs to merge two Facebook pages?

Here are some of the many scenarios that could result in the companies want to merge 2 pages of Facebook fans page into one.

  • Lost rights management of your page Facebook created a new page and then recovered the management rights of the old page.
  • You started your Facebook profile with the name of your company long ago. Then you created a Facebook profile with your own name. Then created a Facebook page for all the great guys did.
    Now you have two profiles (and page), which goes against the terms of service Facebook. So you turned your first business profile on a page, resulting now you have two pages.
  • You had several employees of the goodness of his heart started a Facebook page for you. Now you have many pages.
  • Your page was not listed as “ Local ‘, even though it is a local page, which makes try people sign up for your workplace/Facebook page, creating an” new ‘place page, or pages instead.

Things to do before merge two Facebook pages

The preparation is very important here, because the melting process itself is pretty self explanatory.

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But can stay hung in the process on several issues that can be solved in a very simple way to do.

  • Find out how many pages « Places ” were created (inadvertently) for your business. Do this by searching Facebook.
  • Rename the page with the same name as the other if possible. For the merger is approved by Facebook, names must be as similar as possible .
  • Once the two pages look similar, have a similar name and have administrator rights to both can begin the actual fusion!

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