How To Disable And Hide The Likes Of Pages On Facebook

 off what I like about Facebook

Facebook is a social network very important today. All users tend to put all their interests publicly on your profile, but it can be a great security error. Luckily, Facebook to hide the Like of Pages.

How to Disable and Hide me Gusta of pages on Facebook

Having public interests you follow and the type of information you like can pose a risk if the sight of anyone. Security in Facebook is the most important and why you we will show a method for Hide «Like» of all the pages you follow.

How do I turn off the pages like Facebook?

  • The first thing to do is log on to Facebook. Place your username and password.
  • Click the Settings , which is positioned on the upper right side of the page. It is shaped like a down arrow.
  • Select the Settings .
  • opens a new page where there are several options. Within the Ad Settings ads will select the option to include your social actions.
  • You have two options available, Solos my friends and Nobody. Select the No.

Disable I like facebook

disable this configuration one can see the Like of people or pages that follow. Nor have access to comments, recommendations, contained shared or events in which you participated. This applies to the advertising content that can show your friends.

Hide I like your Facebook profile

Your friends in Facebook or even anyone with a Facebook account can access your “Me Gusta”. It will seem superficial and unimportant issue, but this could have implications for many important security. Similarly can hide this information from your Facebook profile.

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  • Sign into your Facebook account and Head to your profile .
  • Click on the More button on the menu, which is just below the button Activity Log.
  • Select the option that is at the end called Manage sections .
  • Look for the Like and disables the box is just the side. This action and persons entering your profile can not access your “I like”.

Hide me Gusta Facebook

Remove the likes of a page

You can remove I like made to a page, people who follow or interests.

  • Facebook Sign in and from the home page or from your profile’ll access it activity Log .
  • From the left sidebar select Pages, Page Likes and Interests. Option If you are accessing from mobile phone select Filter and then Likes .
  • list will appear, organized by dates of all I like to have made to pages and interests.
  • Select each individually on the button with an arrow icon down.
  • new options are displayed for each record. For your friends and events can hide biography and in the case of comments can Remove .

It is not necessary to access the PC to make these changes. They can be made from a phone with Android or iOS Operating System from the Facebook application.

It is important to remember that when hides a publication of the biography , is removed and only you can access it again from the activity log. In the event you give me like they will not appear in the profile unless you choose to share.

I like you give in publications other people can not hide. Only the user who created the publication can make the necessary changes to it.

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In a globalized world, the protection of information is very important. The more you know about the functions have Facebook available more power you have over your own privacy .

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