How To Put Video Or Add A Personal Facebook Cover?

The application is constantly making updates in this case has the opportunity to learn how to put or add video cover personal Facebook .

How to Market or add a Home Video Facebook Personal

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Some time ago Facebook is betting big on video, more and more content audio visual and increasingly offers more options to use.

Now comes with new features and now we can put a video on our header or cover , and also occurs in our site.

It is possible to create a cover for Facebook using Photoshop CC or even < a href = ""> a cover for an event Facebook using Canva. But now, the level can increase for now, put a video.

This opens up a world of possibilities because you have the opportunity to have many more things than a simple image. So, learning from this tutorial, runs remove the profile cover image Facebook and add your video.

For example, you have a video presentation about who you are indicating the option to place, what you do and why. Worth giving a «I like» on your Facebook cover.

Even can Photo Slideshow showing your products, facilities or your portfolio depending on whether you want to promote or sell something.

Set or add a video cover personal Facebook

With this option you have the possibility to create and publish a cartoon on the cover of Facebook gif as sort of a short video to give a touch more fun.

To put or add a cover video on Facebook just have to perform the following steps leave you below:

 facebook cover

  • First must enter on the website Official Facebook .
  • Now you will login (if you have not done before).
  • You must go to your Facebook profile in the section of your cover on it and select the icon to change the image .
  • Here you leave the option to choose a photo from your gallery, choose a photo or upload your video.
  • Now just you Choose your video and go.

Technical Specifications

In principle the technical specifications to add a video to your cover is that the video is the size of 820 x 312 pixels. but you also have the advantage of upload a video of any size and then you can move within the window.

As for the stipulated time of the video. The minimum duration of your video must be 20 seconds and the maximum amount is 90 seconds.

The video you selected will loop playback (once finalized, will start) without sound but will give you the option to turn on when you want sound.

So do not expect everyone to have a Home Video in Facebook takes the opportunity to surprise your fans and be among the first.

Change the cover of the video in the timeline

You also have the option to add a video or cover on Facebook using the timeline after the previous step. To do this you must do the following:

  • After uploading the video, receive a message indicating that the video is now available for viewing.
  • Now go to your timeline, click the « More » and then « Videos «.
  • option

  • Now in the upper right corner you will see an icon of a pencil. Click on it and select « Edit this video «.
  • Choose the one you like and click the « Save » button.

Why reason to use a video on your Facebook cover?

When people enter your personal profile or visit your Facebook page, image or photo of your cover is one of the first things more draws attention .

New People visiting your profile, they can be guided through your cover photo because it can be helpful, since you can place your story in just a second or represent your brand.

To better support, ideally use a short video that can represent both want to show it, that surely will be much better than a simple picture.

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