How Easily Put A Profile On Facebook Boomerang?

 Boomerang easily put a profile on Facebook

For those who have come to this post, probably only interested in learning to place easily Boomerang Profile Facebook . But there are a couple of things but it is also important to know about this.

Putting Easily keep Boomerang Profile Facebook

and make up stories to Facebook and make a video call from Facebook is now possible. So, why could it not also add a Boomerang?

Whatever the motivation generated by the desire to create a Boomerang, like those href=»»> , get to know information about this element will help the result is much better.

So, besides bringing here a step to full step, easy and fast . We also include extra data very profitable for those who are put to the task of creating their own.

Creates a Boomerang on Facebook

For those who still do not have clear a Boomerang is a very short video made mainly based images put together generate a small movement . This is repetitive and can be compared to a GIF.

The first thing you must do before you can place a Boomerang profile in Facebook, is to create it. To do this, there are two ways to get it.

First method: From the

From the Facebook mobile app, you must click on « Add to your story » or through a « + «.

Then a menu from which you can choose the option will open up a video . Thus, it is possible to convert an audiovisual material of such a Boomerang.

To do this, click on the icon « Gallery » in the bottom left, clicking on the item you want to convert, and determining the duration of the same.


Facebook will generate a preview of the Boomerang, when present the characteristics desired, you press the « Next » button at the top right.

As a last step, you will have two modalities saved, the first is « Share » or upload the file in history.

While the second, gives the option to save it directly to the mobile gallery. This is what we will choose in this case.

Second Method

Directly from Facebook camera You can also create a Boomerang. To do this, the icon is selected. Which is a « + «.

Immediately on the camera screen, is where you record, instead of going to the gallery, keep the action there.

So, for recording the Boomerang, you have to hold down the button « Save » for as long as desired or until the system says is complete.

Now, and the like in the above method, the App will present options up once the Boomerang or save it in the « Gallery » of such equipment.

How easily one place Boomerang Facebook profile

Before you can place a Boomerang as profile photo must first create and download it or save it in the gallery of the mobile device . Luckily we know how.

Then you run the application must Facebook and have signed in. To access the menu icon by three horizontal lines and parallel to the upper right corner.

 put boomerang profile

Then the icon « Camera » located next to the profile picture is located. Which will result in opening a menu with several options.

Of these, one chooses to press « Add Video Profile » to get a thumbnail of the items available.

In this section should be the Boomerang we have previously saved in the gallery, you have to locate and select about it.

Now, Facebook will display a preview of how the element will be perceived, allowing you to edit it so that it is well positioned within the space profile picture.

When it is found as desired, only had to press « Save » at the top of the screen, and then « Save » to confirm and preserve changes.

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In this way, it will be easily inserted Boomerang Facebook profile, everyone will appreciate as the ambassador of that account.

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