How To Put Stickers With Dynamic Effects On The Stories Of Facebook?

 put dynamic effects Stickers with stories of Facebook

Innovation stories Facebook has been a big trend for social networking with the recent feature for placing dynamic effects Stickers with stories of Facebook.

Since put lyrics Facebook up stories just write add text in them. This new form of the famous social network hit the target.

Putting Stickers with Dynamic Effects on Facebook Stories

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This tool or function was recently built on the platform and allows users to place animated emoji publications .

In this way add to the new changes made by many other social networks like Instagram that already had for some time.

Also, Facebook joins the long list of social websites most progressive in the market. It’s a fairly easy run function and here are taught how.

Update application to its latest version

To be able to insert dynamic with effect stickers stories first must verify that the Facebook application is updated .

Otherwise, it is possible that, when attempting to perform the procedure below, these elements not get to add in the publication.

This requires addressing icon Play Store Google on cell phone, and by using the search engine to find the application. In entering into the same section it will indicate if this needs to be updated or is in the latest version.

How do you know? At the access in the case of Google Play Store if accurate renewal, indicate with a color green button that says « Update «.

 facebook stories

Another way to check on entering the top menu which has three parallel lines and is adjacent to the bar of the search. This way a side menu that will have many choices will slide, we proceed to choose which says « My apps and games «.

A the select that option will show a section which will include a list of applications or games that need to be updated.

Then, we proceed to look at that list if the Facebook Mobile need not be renewed. If so, will have a button on the right side let you do.

In this way, you will get the latest version app that has the function of inserting stickers with dynamic effects in the stories.

Set Stickers dynamic with effects on the stories of Facebook.

Usually, the option preferred by users when uploading a story is taking it at the time or gallery out of the cell.

To insert stickers dynamic with effects on any of these options, you must enter the Facebook app mobile. There, the section of the stories is located, and table where is supposed to be ours, is selected symbol « More «.

This will lead to the segment where the story will be prepared before being published so you can be seen by other people. At the bottom are the images saved in the gallery cell , should choose the one that is desired to be within the content.


In doing so, we take you to another section where there will be four icons on the top right, that lets you add items to history .

allowing incorporate dynamic stickers with effects to the image be the first, which has the form of a sticker off of one edge.

After pressing the button, in the first instance, it displays a list of small emoji, but enough is low, they will appear otherwise. These stickers are those who hold the distinction of take effect when play history has been uploaded to the social network.

Then, you should only choose the one you prefer or like to the user, and once inserted can be modified using your fingers. After adjusting, finally, you should only select « Share » at the bottom of the screen, and thus, the publication with the dynamic sticker will have been successful.

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