Saving And Download All My Facebook Photos Quick And Easy

 save my pictures on facebook

Today we will see how to save and download all my photos from Facebook in a way completely easy and fast . The social network allows us download photos without need to use any third-party program. It is very quick to make and above all too simple.

Save and Download All My Photos Facebook Easy and Fast

Many of us have too many photos uploaded to the social network. Making a backup of these pictures is never a bad idea since these represent different moments that have lived and that may be very important to us.

So it is quite advisable to learn how to save and download all my photos from Facebook and make a backup of them for safekeeping power.

Let’s see a small tutorial quite detailed so you can download all photos easily without any kind of complication with the same options that the network provides. Within a few minutes you will have all the photos on your computer.

 Download my photos from facebook

How to download all my photos from Facebook

In order to make this process it is best to do it from a computer . Since this will form download all photos you want quickly.

From a mobile You can download a photo at a time. Just open the picture, I hold on it and a message pop-up will appear with the ability to download.

But if you do not want to go one by one. Then you need to use a computer to download complete albums with just one click Want to know how to download photos from your Facebook quickly ? So let’s start with this simple tutorial.

 Download an album of facebook

How to download and save my photos from Facebook

  • The first thing we have to do is enter the website Facebook and start session.
  • Once we do we will go directly to our profile. For this press the icon of your profile photo above right.
  • Then go to the Photos section .
  • In this section we will have to navigate through the tabs to select “ Albums “.
  • Once we select the album you want to download. If you look up to the right can see a gear icon . Click on it and three options will open. What interests us is the one that says “ Download album “.
  • A message warns emerging where we can take a while to be ready to download. This will depend on the number of photos you have the album in question. Usually it does not take too long.
  • When the download is ready, Facebook we send a notice to warn us that we can proceed with the download.
  • All photos are downloading .ZIP format This is a compression format and WinRAR we can uncompress to have all the photos available.
  • Once WinRAR installed on your computer (program it is always advisable to have installed) simply right-click on the downloaded file and opens a new menu. Select “ Extract here ” or “Extract (name of file) ” to automatically create a folder with all the photos in it.

This way we can create a backup of all photos in case something ever happens to our Facebook account, although it is very unlikely. You can upload all the photos to services like Google Drive for have a copy of security.

As you can see is quite easy and especially quick to learn how to save and download all my photos from Facebook . You can thus have all the pictures on your computer to use as you like.

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