How To View Pages That I Like On Facebook From Pc

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Facebook has a lot of users, who typically enter the Social Network to communicate with friends, family, make videos with pictures and music to watch videos, share posts, among others.

How to view pages that I like on Facebook From the PC

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Therefore, more and more often people like to give you pages of interest. Being this, one of the things most common when we enter Facebook , because when we agree to start normally we see a series of publications on different pages.

But know where you store these pages ? or How to view the pages you have given me like on Facebook? If your answer is no, then you are in the right place. Because then I will explain in detail, as you can see these pages.

How I can see pages I like Facebook, from the PC?

Surely many of us has happened to us that we stop follow or permanently delete a page from Fscebook , but we can not because we do not know where we can see. And it is when we turn to the question How I can see pages I like about Facebook?

Fortunately, this is very easy and fast . It will not take time and will spend work to do. It is the best you can watch them all and remove or leave your interest. You can also access any of it and enjoy its content.

The process is Basic , since only He insists on a couple of clicks and you. However, it may vary somewhat depending on the device or equipment, but the difference is minimal.

Steps couple view the pages that I like on Facebook from PC

Facebook is a social network that can be opened from any computer, and interface is still simple and easy to use. And when it comes to view the pages you follow or like, the process is really easy, you just follow these steps:

  • Log in to Facebook, putting your username and password from your computer at facebook page
  • As is in the beginning, should be located on the left side area and make click Pages
  • Once there, opens a window with the following options: Your pages, discover, Invitations and pages you like
  • .

  • Select Pages that you like

facebook pages

  • Right away, he appears all pages that follow or that you have given Like
  • Then you can enter them by clicking on the name or you can also stop follow, clicking on the button that says Like
  • If you mark on the menu (the three dots) next to the ‘Like’ on each page, you can get help or report the page, you also have the opportunity to invite friends.

 pages like facebook

Similarly, if you want to find new pages, it is advisable to make major suggestions . ; In this section & nbsp pages shown in relation to your tastes. Choose your preference by clicking on the button I like and will quickly appear in the section your pages.

If a page count Facebook in the section of your pages will appear the most relevant information. You can also add a photo, make a publication and even post directly.

Thus, in the section Pages will show you everything about them. From there you can determine which pages you really like and want to activate and receive notifications of this page or that want unfollow .

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we like to know your review Considers it important to view the pages you like on Facebook? Leave your answer in the comments.

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