How To Stop Managing A Facebook Page-Stop Being Administrator

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The pages on Facebook are very popular; and some pages have administrators who are responsible for managing their content. But on some occasions we take a step to the side and we must learn stop managing a Facebook page . In this way we will be able to stop being an administrator.

How to Stop being Administrator and not administer a Facebook page

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We can not deny that they are very popular and depending on what you want to use them can end up being too helpful. Perhaps to promote a web site to sell on facebook , etc. For whatever advantage of the popularity of the largest social network in the world a page is an excellent idea.

But perhaps no longer want to be linked to the project , you have more important things to do or simply a lack of time. Whether for whatever reason to avoid receiving notifications or have some kind of responsibility on this page the best is still being administrator of the same.

How can we stop being managers of a page in Facebook ? The process is too simple and should not steal too long. Let’s see a fairly detailed tutorial just below where if you make step by step will no longer be linked to that page.

We recommend that you follow it to the verbatim to avoid any kind of problem and can quickly achieve your goal to leave the administration of the fanpage you want to leave in the past.

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How to stop being administrator of a Facebook page

In order to stop being administrator of a Facebook fanpage’ll have to follow the steps that let you further down:

  • Log in with your Facebook account .
  • Then you’ll have to go to the page which you want to stop being admin.
  • Click on the option “ Settings ” link located at the top of the screen.
  • Now from the left side menu have to go to the section “ Roles page “.
  • Here you have to be able to visualize all the people who have some role on the page, are not necessarily all administrators.
  • Search your name and press on “ Edit “.
  • Then you will see the option “ Delete ” in the bottom left corner.
  • You may have to confirm indicating your password for security reasons.

Once you do all this going to get stop being administrator of the page in question . Remember that in order to become admin’ll have to ask another administrator to add you again.

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How to delete my manager a Facebook page

So easy it is to learn stop managing a Facebook page . This will stop being so get this fanpage manager you are not interested anymore or maybe you do not want to waste time with it.

It is a very simple tutorial that anyone can perform. Within a few minutes you can remove yourself from a Facebook page as an administrator and have nothing to do with that page.

Obviously when you do going to lose all the privileges that you had and every time you revisit that page will do as a normal user . Unable to make publications or anything like that. So before you remove yourself as an admin account for this detail.

Remember that if you still have any kind of doubt about it can leave the further down in the comments section and we will be happy to help. In turn we have a wide variety of tutorials related to Facebook we recommend you read to learn more about this extensive social network that has much to offer us in many ways.

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