How Can I Avoid To Not Tagged In Photos Of Facebook?

 do or avoid to keep me tagged in photos of Facebook

Stressed by excessive unsolicited labels from your friends at Facebook ? Then you must learn how to make or avoid so you do not tagged in photos of Facebook.

How to Avoid for me or not tagged in photos of Facebook

YouTube has a similar option to the block and avoid to place links in comments or just disable comments on Youtube , but of course, they are vague comparisons.

It is true that labeling is fun until your friends start tag your name in too many photos and videos unrelated. Simply view photos where you have been tagged in Facebook and realize that it is time for a high.

Or just for your photos or video messages reach your wall in order that your friends see them, it becomes quite annoying. Of course, you can desmarcarte, but in cases like these the Prevention is always better than constant unchecked.

Unfortunately there no way to stop labeling activities on Facebook, however there are ways to control your photos and videos tagged appear on your Facebook.

No more labels on photos of Facebook

Options to do or avoid to keep me tag you in photos of Faceboo k and not let all your friends tag you in photos and events, follow these simple steps:

On the next page or window, you can observe various settings to customize your Facebook privacy information.

 setting facebook

This includes who can post on their wall, who can see your photos and albums , which of your friends can see your personal information and so on.

You’ll see different configurations to see who can see your wall posts and who can tag both photos and videos.

  • Click on the “ Custom ‘drop-down menu and select.

This will open a small pop-up window in which you can allow a group of friends tagging you in photos.

If you want anyone on Facebook tagging you in photos and other images, select the option “ ” as an option.

Disable auto tagging on your profile

Another way to make or avoid so you do not tagged in photos of Facebook is disabling auto-tagging in your Facebook profile. This can prevent people from tagging you automatically and then have to bother to take off the label.

Only you receive a application for approval tag in a photo, you’ll have to go to the photo and approve or disapprove. This will give you some privacy, but not all, since it will not remove the photo.

  • To begin, first must go to the setting “ privacy ” (at the top right of your Facebook profile, next to the “Start” drop-down option).
  • Scroll down to the editing option “ Chronology and labeling ” and disables all permits labeling.

 tag facebook

This means that when a picture is labeled, you have give your permission before tag that appears, and then quit all your friends. This custom settings to make it private.

You must remember that the tagged photo not deleted , you can remove it from your own timeline but not wall up the person.

Just asking them to remove or reporting it to Facebook’s deleted. To disable “ Face Recognition ” or suggestions, select the option “ No “.

What you are wrong label?

A photo wrong? In some other scenarios could include a photo which was taken in a place where it is not supposed to be. Or just a picture that is not right for you.

Should not be you who choose the photos that are uploaded to the Internet, and possibly put a Facebook profile where anyone can download and use use in any way?

The photo tags, unless a public event where you have given permission for you to take a picture, could cause problems of any kind.

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