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The social network Facebook every day evolves, offering better service to their users. has currently integrated more features and tools that make this platform more fun and at the same time easier to use. It is also an excellent platform for companies, allowing advertise free way or payment.

on or Off the logon profile picture Facebook

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An example of this is usually to enter Facebook must enter email or also access Facebook with cell phone number with which you created the account and password. However, it is now possible sign in with your profile photo .

Undoubtedly, for many users this can be an advantage, while others prefer not to have this option. But you wondered How to enable or disable logon profile picture? If you do not know or worry, because then we will tell you step by step how it is done.

Login with Facebook profile picture

Although, for many users this is not something new, it should be noted that initially Facebook did not have this button. However, with the passing of time and at the request of consumers it was that it included this alternative.

In addition, this option that Facebook offers us has been of great sale for many people because you can access your account faster and more easily. But, although he had great acceptance for most users, there were others who not like me or prefer not to use it.

The reasons for not wanting to sign with the profile picture, can be many. Among this, for protect our privacy . This is mainly when you access this social network on a device or computer that is not yours.

For example, when using a computer at an Internet cafe. This can generate any access to our own person more easily, because only to place the password. Especially considering that some people use easy to guess passwords.

It is also important to note that if you want to add a little more security to login to your account, you can enable two-step verification Facebook .

On the other hand, some users may still not have this button. If this is the case, do not worry, because there is a way to enable or disable whenever you want. And then we explain in detail as done.

Steps to enable or disable logon profile picture on Facebook

Regardless of the reason why you want to enable or disable login with your profile photo in Facebook, you should be aware that the steps are simple and will not take long weather. Just follow these steps:

  • Open your Facebook account from a PC the official website Facebook or from your cell
  • Then click the drop-down menu (the down arrow, located in the upper left).
  • Once there, select Settings and privacy & gt; Configuration Immediately, a window appears with all settings of Facebook
  • .

  • Check that says Security and login

 security settings and login facebook

  • Next, go to Save login information and click on the button Edit
  • Next, two options appear to enable or disable.
  • If you activated login with your profile picture, you must choose where to save login information says.
  • To disable option, you must mark where it says Delete account

 facebook account set

It should be emphasized that if you choose the option Save login information next time you log in to Facebook, you only need to add the password . While if you choose to delete it, every time you log in to Facebook, the user must add the mail again.

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion Have you been able to enable or disable the login with your Facebook profile picture? important consider this option? Leave your answers in the comments.

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