How To Enable Or Disable Publications New Friendship On Facebook

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Over time privacy has become increasingly important in the virtual world , is for this reason that Facebook has taken certain measures in this connection. Today we show you how to enable or disable publications new friendship on Facebook.

on or Off Publications New Friendship on Facebook

If you’re tired of the new friendship publications that are made automatically in your account, do not worry there are ways to disable this option. You learn very easily off.

What are publications new friend Facebook?

You may have shaken this tutorial without being very clear on the subject to be discussed below, do not worry here learn the purpose of this useful guide. Read carefully to find out what publications are new friendship Facebook.

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Facebook notifies all

Facebook is unique to notify the rest of our friends every event that occurs within our social network. A clear example are the games, which can be very annoying, but easily off game notifications in Facebook .

Also among these multiple notifications , are the new friendships. In other words, Facebook will let you know the rest of your friends you’ve made friends with a new person on the platform.

In any case this option is not like most because it is annoying that often notify everyone who has joined your list of friends. For this reason many wonder if possible disable this option completely , is that what you will answer in this guide.

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Still, before we begin, note that if your problem is constantly receiving requests for friendship, you should know how to accept or reject all friend requests on Facebook , which is different from what we try today, but can be useful on many occasions.

How to enable or disable publications new friendship on Facebook

You can perform this procedure from your computer pretty easily. Either way if you have doubts and are novice in the world of social networks and the Internet. Here you will be guided step by step to perform this procedure very simple.

  1. The first thing to do is login in your Facebook account.
  2. Once you’ve entered your account, you must go to the configuration options. To which you can access through the small triangle at the upper right of the screen. There presses on Activity Log .
  3. On the left side of your screen many presses on the More options icon will be displayed.
  4. Locate the friends option, press on it and then looking Friends added (Or Friends aggregates), click here.
  5. will display the options related to Friends added, should click on the small icon that is located a side which is shaped planet .
  6. Three options When you press this icon will appear, you must disable the Reports new friends .
  7. performing this procedure will no longer appear related to new friends on Facebook notifications.

    On the other hand, other very annoying notifications are birthdays, but know that it is possible to turn off Facebook birthday notifications very easily and free from the constant reminder of this time.

     Disable friendship Facebook

    Using the above method you will get rid of those annoying notifications that Facebook automatically made with our new friends. Thus you will stretch your privacy , its sails once multiple options presented the platform to further enhance your experience with this popular social network, customizing your Facebook to your liking.

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    In addition to the above, it is highly recommended that you know the method for stop receiving friend requests unknown Facebook , because in this way will not receive requests from people who do not want.

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